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Feron is a descendent and ancestor of a great and powerful Mage, too, named Feron. The elder Feron was born in an alternate reality Earth. Here he and the legendary Merlyn were both students, under the teachings of Necrom. Eventually Necrom would be swayed by the dark side and attempted to have his two pupils follow him. Amidst Necrom's journey to increase his vast powers to immeasurable levels he would have the trio visit the mainstream reality, Earth-616. Feron would see the error of his ways in following Necrom and would try to stop him.
While on Earth-616, Feron managed to tap into the primal cosmic energies of the Phoenix Force, thus becoming one of the first hosts for it. Feron would wield his new powers to battle his one time teacher and nearly destroyed him. While fighting Feron inflicted serious damage to the Earthly plane, and to the Phoenix as well. Amidst all the in fighting, Merlyn would disappear to unknown places where he would begin his legendary magical career. In the end Feron would decide to remain on Earth-616, dedicating his life to forgiveness. Here he would raise his children as guardians/sentinels against the inevitable return of the Anti-Phoenix, Necrom.


Feron was created by Alan Davis in 1992 and first appeared in Excalibur # 48. 

Major Story Arcs

Move over Feron, its Feron's turn

More than 1,000 years later in County Sligo, Ireland, the current heir to the original Feron's power was born. It would be here that Feron would be taught in the magical ways of his descendents. Now a teenager, Feron was very arrogant and socially awkward. Once fully trained, he would be the first line of defense against the eventual return of the Anti-Phoenix, Necrom. Until then, Feron would continue being raised and taught by the monks who resided in the monastery. According to his teaching, Feron could not touch the ground with his bare feet or else he would activate his host connection to the Phoenix Force. Due to this, he constantly wore bandages around his feet and always used his magics to have himself levitate in order to never touch the ground.

Necrom cometh!

As prophesized, Necrom did return to Earth in an attempt to conquer it. Feron knew Necrom was arriving as he had finely tuned, magical senses. Prior to his battle he would need the power of the Phoenix Force. This is when, for the first time, Feron touched the ground with his feet, but nothing happened. Denied his rightful power, he would not simply and idly stand by. Instead, he followed the energies of the Phoenix Force and was led to Rachel Summers and the team of Excalibur. Feron would find that the reason he was denied his powers was because Rachel, using the codename Phoenix, who was already the current host of the Phoenix Force. Arrogant as he was, Feron felt that Rachel was unworthy of the power. But still, he would aid her and Excalibur in their battle against Necrom. In the end they would be successful, fending of the Anti-Phoenix, and having Feron join the team.

Excalibur & Beyond

Initially, Feron joined Excalibur because he wished to follow the Phoenix Force. He felt that if Rachel either failed or died, he could take over the mantle. This of course never happened, and yet he stayed on the team. Over time he began to trust his Excalibur teammates and didn't want to leave. He even chose to stay when Rachel was lost in the time stream and the Phoenix Force went with her. Small hiccups down the road would lead Feron to joining the Crazy Gang under the guise of the Executioner. They would attack Excalibur, but Feron's issue would resolve and he would return to his old teammates. He stayed with them until the very end. He was present at the wedding of Captain Britain and Meggan. This was when Excalibur officially disbanded and each of them went their own way. Feron's whereabouts are currently unknown.


Feron is a current descendent of a 1,000 generation old line of Magic users, all named Feron. Feron is able to manipulate magic enabling him to perform numerous magical spells.


Feron is a descendent to a long line of magical users originating from another reality. The first Feron was taught and a student with the legendary Merlyn.

Mystical Energy Blasts:

Feron is able to produce powerful blast of magical energy blasts capable of great damage.


Normally levitation spells are for beginners and nothing to show-off. Try levitating for your entire life unable to touch the ground. Feron would be well into his teens before ever considered touching the ground. Sounds a lot more inspiring now right?


Feron is capable to flight through the use of hid magical abilities.

Low-Level Empathy:

Feron is able to sense the feeling of others, but is greatly affected by them.

Magical Sense:

Feron is able to sense the presence of magic in even the smallest uses.

Illusion Casting:

Feron is capable of producing realistic 3-D illusions. In most cases he is able to fool all 5 of the normal human sense.

Mystical Force Fields:

Feron can manipulate his magical energies so tightly that they can be used as magical force fields.

Special Abilities:

Feron is the trained and capable of serving as a host/vessel for the Phoenix Force.


Although Feron has been taught all the ancient magics of his descendents, they have only been learned in theory - not in practice. Feron has only actually performed a handful of spells. Everything else was done under trial of fire.


Known Relatives: Feron (a thousand generations of ancestors, all share the same name of Feron)

Citizenship: Citizen of the Republic of Ireland; a minor with a criminal record.

Place of Birth: A monastery in County Sligo, Ireland.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Wizard, Protector from the Anti-Phoenix, Adventurer and Vessel for the Phoenix Force, (Formerly: student)

Education: Educated in magics of his ancestors and the classics. Taught by the Monks he was raised by.


Gender: Male

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Unusual Traits: Pointed ears, similar to that of elves.

Alternate Realities

Although Feron's true lineage is from an alternate reality, he has yet to appear in any other than the one he resides in.



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