Team » Ferengi appears in 30 issues.

    A race from the Star Trek universe. They are renowned for their greed and buisness sense.

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    The Ferengi are a race that are obsessed with acquisitions, acquireing wealth.  In fact their afterlife is called The Divine Treasury and you have to acquire enough wealth to get in. The Ferengi ar well known for their skill in math. The Ferengi have created levels of maths higher than the humans.  The Ferengi live on a planet called Ferenginar where it's almost always raining.  
    The Ferengi live under the rule of The Grand Nagus who is the richest person on their planet. This changed during the Dominion war where the Grand Nagus shares power with a comity for a two branch system of government.  The Grand Nagus chooses his successor and by the end of the Dominion war Grand Nagus Zek chose Rom as his successor.  They are also revere a book called the Rules of Acquisition.


    The Ferengi were created during the Star Trek: The Next Generation television series.  

    Race Evolution

    Some notable accomplishments in Ferengi history are Nog who became the first Ferengi in Starfleet and his father Rom who became the first Ferengi in the Bajoran Militia. The Ferengi joined the Federation likely due to the Grand Nagus Rom.


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