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Recently, several teenagers have attacked civilians in downtown San Francisco. These teens have primitive behavior as well as aggression like wild beasts because they have mutations in their DNA. The experiments of Dr. Caligan made their minds to be affected, excising the ability to feel pain and causing them to become more violent. Given these characteristics, Wonder Girl named the group Feral Boys, after hold them during a battle.         
 The Feral Boys being attacked by Superboy
 The Feral Boys being attacked by Superboy
Apparently, these guys were just ordinary people, however bullied for being orphans, unfit for athletic and intellectual activities, and does not belong to an active social group.

With these "virtues", these boys were seduced by the Professor of Biology, Mr. Carter, who later called himself Doctor Caligan.

Some of them faced the Titans, in San Francisco, while the heroes were trying to control the panic on the city that the mutants generated.

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