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    Ferak is the result of experimentation with human and plant DNA. She is often in Gotham Park. Her skin and nettles are very poisonous. She also likes eating human flesh

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    "Early reports indicate that Ferak (origin of name unclear) may be the result of experimentation with human and plant DNA. She was first sighted in the weeks following Gotham's federally mandated isolation. Her area of operation is Gotham Park which has become the territory of Arham inmate known as Poison Ivy. No direct connect between Ferak and Isley is confirmed at this time, but it seems likely the two are related in some way. Ferak is extremely hostile and while unarmed is also dangerous. Her physical strength is beyond normal human levels. Her touch is toxic, and her physiology is apparently fluid as she grows thorns and nettles at will. She is also able to regenerate limbs. Rumors that Ferak feeds on human flesh are unconfirmed." From: Batman Villains Secret Files & Origins


    Ferak was created by Chuck Dixon, & Andy Kuhn for their one shot in Young Justice. She then later appeared in Batman: Ground Zero one shot.

    Major Story Arcs

    No Man's Land

    For more information see: Batman: No Man's Land - Ground Zero

    While on patrol as Batgirl during No Man's Land, Huntress sees Ferak in the snow. She confronts the plant woman, but Ferak freaks out and attacks Huntress. Batman steps in but is quickly beaten by the superhuman strength of Ferak. He gets some of her thorns and regroups back at the makeshift Batcave.

    Later Huntress finds Ferak and realizes she is just looking for plants in the snow. Huntress then takes her to Robinson Park and sets her free, all the while Batman watches from the shadows. It is this act that makes Batman realize that Huntress maybe a valuable assess.

    For more information see: Young Justice: No Man's Land Special

    When Superboy and Impulse come to Gotham during No Man Land, they see a fire in Robinson Park. Going to check it out they come across several citizens with flame throwers. The citizen's wandered into the park and got attacked by Ferak. Superboy and Impulse try to free them, but they are overpowered by Ferak. Tim Drake and Lagoon Boy come to the rescue, but they too are outmatched. Then Batman shows up and tries to reason with Fereak but she is in too much of a rage and he is forced to blast her with weed killer. This makes her melt, but Batman claims she was never really alive.

    Walk in the Park
    For more information see: Detective Comics - A Walk in the Park

    Following the lift of the No Man's Land edict, the Gotham City Police Department and the city council wanted Ivy and her minions to leave Robinson Park. Ivy refused to do so, and Ferak remained there, even when police commissioner James Gordon threatened to spray the park with pesticides. After deliberation, Ivy, Ferak and the rest of her followers agreed to vacate the park.


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