Character » Fenton appears in 22 issues.

    An agent of the Dark One.

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    A soldier that partook in the battle of Chickamauga during the American Civil War. He was abandoned by his best friend on the battlefield and left for dead. As a party of soldiers was coming sure to make sure all were dead, he made a bargain with the Dark One to be saved in exchange for his servitude. He later is to lead a massacre of Native Americans, but cannot go through with it. In return for forgiveness from the Dark One he must kill his former friend, which he did.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Dream Eater Saga

    Gathering troops to free his master The Dark One from the clutches of Baba Yaga, Sela and Belinda, he arrives with Cindy, Morrigan and many demons in Myst. Angered and driven by revenge, Baba Yaga throws a knife at the Dark One. Fenton sacrifices himself by catching the knife with his body.


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