Fenix Espejo

    Character » Fenix Espejo appears in 58 issues.

    A sixteen-year-old psychic who shot Abe Sapien.

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    Living in Houston, Fenix sensed destruction coming and warned her friends. They were out of Houston, riding on a train when Houston was destroyed. She kept her friends on the move from place to place, always leaving when danger came. Over time, her friends relied on her powers to keep them safe.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hell on Earth: Gods

    Fenix and her friends are travelling around from place to place, trusting Fenix' precognative powers. Soon, they are noticed by the U.N. and later the B.P.R.D. The Bureau investigates the travelling group, only to find them under attack by strange, huge creatures. Upon destroying the beasts, Abe Sapien tries to establish a contact with Fenix. After telling Abe Sapien 'I know who you are', she shoots him. In the melee, she and her friends escape, heading to Colorado.


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