Femme Force

    Team » Femme Force appears in 7 issues.

    Femme Force is a special SHIELD unit consisting of only women.

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    Brief History

    Femme Force is a special SHIELD unit established by Nick Fury. This unit only consist of female SHIELD agents led by Sharon Carter and Valentina De Fontaine. The Femme Force project was started by Nick Fury. He staged a mock battle with Femme Force and Captain America against some Hydra agents while members of the US Defense Department watched on screen. The Hydra agents were actually LMD’s (Life Model Decoys) and not real people. Femme Force wanted to prove that female Shield agents are just as valuable as men and the Femme Force project was a way to help gain equality as agents. The Defense Department was impressed by the LMD’s and Femme Force so funding was approved for both Shield projects. Femme Force has made an immediate impact and gained respect by proving themselves in battle against Hydra and the Red Skull. Femme Force, Shield and Captain together help take down dangerous threats like the Fifth Sleeper.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Femme Force is a unit of highly trained female Shield agents. They are very proficient in various firearms and are skilled marksman. Femme Force is excellent in hand to hand combat, trained in various martial arts.

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