Femme Appeal

    Character » Femme Appeal appears in 6 issues.

    An Agent of F.O.W.L. later revealed to be an double agent of S.H.U.S.H.

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    She was created by James Silvani and Ian Brill for the Darkwing Duck ongoing series. Her name is a parody on the whole "Feme Fatale" concept. Sher appearance is quite similar to Emma Peel, but she is more foxy.

    Major Arcs

    F.O.W.L. Disposition
    When Darkwing and Steelbeak were sneaking into F.O.W.L. Headquarters, they meet the illustrious Femme Appeal. Stealbeak reveals that she is the one who eliminates any agents who don't believe in what F.O.W.L. is about. Femme admits she too has doubts in the plan to summon Duckthulhu, so she joins their mission to sabotage those plans. However, they are seperated. She later helps Arrow kid and Quiverwing agianst Ammonia Pine before she is almost blown up by an angry Morgana McCawber
    In the end, she is revealed to be a secret agent for S.H.U.S.H. When she reports to J. gander Hooter, he mentions something even bigger coming their way, though that is yet to be revealed.

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