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    FemForce is one of the first all-female superhero teams in comics and was created in 1985 by AC Comics.

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    It all started in 1941, when we asked Joan Wayne (a Washington DC secretary) to be part of a research team. She was the assistant of Dr. Mark Benton at the Colorado Project. The objective sought by the team, under the governance of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, was to find a way to improve human abilities. They were asked to create the perfect soldier. The research progressed well until the moment when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese military, December 7. The war was truly present for the Americans and Roosevelt wanted to find a way to win.

    Dr. Benton had created a chemical compound, the V-45. With this experimental vitamin they hoped to produce a "fighting" machine with accelerated cellular regeneration. Eager to have concrete results, the president asked Dr. Benton to make test directly on humans. This request was out of his personal values and he refused to proceed. He was then replaced by Joan Wayne at the head of the project. Her assistant was Octavia Howard.

    Despite several attempts, Joan Wayne couldn't make a compound without adverse side effects. Then one day she made the V-47, which worked perfectly on her body chemistry. Addition to the super strength and invulnerability, the V-47 allows her to restore her youth for periods of time. With this new powers, she left her works as a scientist. She became a super agent for the government of the United States, under the name of Miss Victory.

    One day, during the mission "Green Mist", Joan met Rio Rita, a U.S. spy. After saving almost everyone, Joan took a plane to follow a Nazi airship responsible for the attack. Rio Rita accompanied her. Just before the takeoff, Blue Bulleteer (Laura Wright) came to the airport and wanted to join them. It was the first meeting between Ms. Victory and the future Nightveil. During the flight, they spotted another person in pursuit of the airship. It was She-Cat, who worked alone. After the landing, the four girls found themselves together in a Nazi laboratory. They defeated the evil and on the way back, they had the idea of forming a team.

    Joan and Mrs. Roosevelt
    Joan and Mrs. Roosevelt

    So the idea was there but nothing was official or recognized yet. The first lady of the time, Mrs. Roosevelt, is the person who has intervened on their behalf. What happened? Mrs. Roosevelt was in her car during an outing, accompanied by Joan Wayne (in her civilians clothes). Their car was waylaid by the 5th columnists and in a matter of seconds the guards were shot down. The 5th columnist is a group of people who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within, to help an external enemy (Nazi's here). So Joan was the only person that can protect Mrs. Roosevelt. With her body invulnerable to bullets and her superhuman strength she quickly took care of all the attackers.

    Mrs. Roosevelt was immensely grateful for this act of bravery. She browbeat her husband, Franklin D. Roosevelt, into making Ms. Victory and her females cronies national heroes. The President has officially formed this group of women as an auxiliary force for the nation.

    New recruits

    Throughout the four decades that followed, the group has had several changes in her workforce. Blue Bulleteer is first became Nightveil, with powerful magical power. Then there was the arrival of Synesthesia (Silva Synn), whose LSD expanded psyche created psychedelic images. Rita Farrar became inactive but continued to work as undercover operative.

    New FemForce members
    New FemForce members

    Tara Fremont has one day helped the Femforce for a crucial mission in Amazon jungle. She was suppose to helped for one mission but she never left the team. She has been officially certified later, at the same time as Stardust (a former member of the Sentinels of Justice), Thunderfox (a former comic book character) and Dragonfly (Nancy Arazello).

    When Ms. Victory became Rad, she has been replaced as leader by Colt, a former agent. Few months later the daughter of Joan, Jennifer Wayne-Burke, became the second Ms. Victory. She quickly replaced Colt as leader.


    The team saw it headquarters location moved often over time. Initially they worked in government offices. But General Robert Gordon, who does not seem to like this team, has asked Joan Wayne to find a new headquarters on the pretext of lack of money.

    They has been moved on Jungle Island near the coast of Florida. This island is a wildlife reserve owned by T.C. Fremont, father of Tara.

    Then they were moved again in an old disused school in Orlando, another T.C. Fremont property. Finally, when Jennifer Wayne-Burke became the 2nd Ms. Victory, Captain Tom Kelly was able to install them in a magnificent building at the cutting edge of technology, on the outskirts of Orlando.


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