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    Once a very beautiful woman before she discovered the Box, the Female Cenobite is now a Cenobite whose throat is held open by hooks, the High Priestess of Hell.

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    Sister Nikoletta
    Sister Nikoletta

    Sister Nikoletta's devotion to the Church waned as the seeds of lust and wanting grew secretly within her. A stranger seeking shelter sensed her needs and gave her the gift of the Box. To some she is a vision of pain, a Gothic atrocity, to others she is the bringer of such sweet sensations.

    They say that her name is unmentionable.

    The horrid name, like her actions, is so vile it must forever remain unspoken. Those unfortunate enough to have discovered her true name have never returned to utter it. Therefore, she is referred to as merely the Female Cenobite.

    She is the fierce virgin demon in the Order of the Gash, with a heart of tar so black that it is incapable of love and sympathy. Incredibly violent, she is all but uncontrollable, even by Pinhead. Left-handed, impatient and relentlessly cruel, she wields sharp razors of both steel and tongue. To know her is to suffer the full tortures of Hell for eternity.

    She remains one of the most elusive of the Cenobites, a far cry from her sister, Abigor, the extrovert, preferring to wield her power with a subtle grace that few in hell could manage. . . She is the High Priestess of Hell, symbol of the moon, of water, and of the power of woman.

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    Like all cenobites, she is clad in black leather and is mutilated. Several wires peel back the skin around her neck, causing her to have a whispery voice. In the sequel four of the wires holding her throat open have been removed, leaving just one frame. When she is killed at the end of the second Hellraiser film, she reverts back to her original human form, revealing that she had once been a pretty brunette woman.

    Media Appearances With Female Cenobite As Villain

    • -Hellraiser (1987)
    • -Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 (1988)

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