Character » Feline appears in 10 issues.

    A member of the Academy of the New Elite in the Ultraverse from Malibu Comics.

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    Feline was recruited by Contrary into her Academy of the New Elite where she wanted to train youths who were superpowered from Wetware, an ancient nanotechnology injected into dozens of babies by an unknown nurse. Contrary used her pleasure causing powers to help keep Feline and the other Academy members loyal to her. 
    Argus, a being seeking to increase his fading power, summoned several Ultras based on Rune's star-stones. He hoped these Ultras would assist in gathering the components of the Crucible of Life. Feline fled with many of the other Ultras, including Flygirl also from the Academy, Cayman and Pressure from the Freex, and Hardcase, when Argus got Necromantra's agreement to aid him and he tried to kill the others. 
    Feline, Cayman, and Rune pretending to be Pressure went in search of one of three components to the Crucible of Life, the Windsword. Feline managed to get the Windsword first and it bonded with her. Feline, manipulated by either Rune or the Windsword itself, added the Windsword to the Crucible of Life.  
    Feline remained in the Godwheel, the world where Argus and the Ultras fought over control of the Crucible of Life.


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