Felicia Castro

    Character » Felicia Castro appears in 5 issues.

    A young woman that discovers that she has superpowers after an accident. The temptation of her powers leads her on a crime streak that attracts unwanted attention from the wrong crowd.

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    A former confidence woman and thief, she ran afoul of a small time gangster named Moreaux. After taking a flight to run away from her troubles, the airplane explodes in mid-air. She discovers then that she can teleport.


    Her first appearance was in i Love Trouble #1.

    Major Story Arcs

    The first story arc involving the character (which also tells her origin in flashbacks) shows her trying to escape the influence of the New Orleans underworld, while also being recruited by a mysterious group known as the Mars Corporation.

    Powers and Abilities

    Felicia has the ability to teleport. Her teleportation can also cause her to change her physical abilities. For instance while falling out of an airplane she teleported to a safe location and did not maintain her falling speed. She is a streetwise thief, that is skilled in burglary and confidence schemes.


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