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    A young Canadian mutant who for a brief time was the bio-electric member of Beta Flight.

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    Feedback was created by Simon Furman and Pat Broderick in 1993 and first appeared in Alpha Flight # 118.


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    Albert Louis was a mutant with the ability to generate and manipulate bio-electrical fields. He was out enjoying the night in his hometown of Halifax, when he was attacked by the Hardliners. They had determined that he had super-powers and decided to eliminate him then and there. He was able to escape and headed for Toronto, to seek Alpha Flight's aid. Once there, he was able to find them shortly after they had faced the Wrecking Crew. Alpha Flight was able to protect him from the Hardliners and he soon entered Beta Flight after joining his Gamma Flight training.

    Story Arcs

    He was captured by the Hardliners and used as bait for Alpha Flight in their final battle before they were suspended by the government. However, he survived the battle, with the timely assistance of Wildheart.

    Powers & Abilities

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    He is a mutant with the power to generate bio-electricity. He could use this power to generate electrical blasts and create force fields. Feedback is capable of generating bio-electricity. He can project this energy 'energy-auras' or as blasts. He can also extend his aura to act as shield and create "shock troops" which were actual human forms generated from electrical energy. Where his bio-energy comes from has not been determined, but he is capable of absorbing some other forms of energy.

    It is unknown if he has retained his powers post M-Day.


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