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Fearmaster is head of the Cyber-Nostra, and a high-ranking officer at the Alchemax Corporation in 2099. He and his enforcer, Multi-Fractor, have several run-ins with Jake Gallows, the Punisher of 2099.

Fearmaster is a serial-killer, who enjoys using his transmutation power to kill woman, and turn them into statues made out of whatever material he thinks best suits his victim. It should be noted his victims seem to willingly go through this death, to remain beautiful forever.

Powers & Abilities

Fearmaster's right hand was allegedly altered through molecular engineering using nano-technology, giving him the ability to alter the elemental compositions with but a touch, for example: turning human flesh into gold, silver, bone, etc. His right hand is also grossly misshapen, having four digits, including two opposable thumbs. He hides his hand with a special glove made of unknown materials that are immune to his power.

Fearmaster is also a master planner and organizer, as well as a talented strategist and tactician, but is also quite mentally unbalanced.

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