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As a child Adam Rygert was paralyzed with fear. He had a crippling anxiety disorder and asthma, this hinder his ability to confront the outside world at all. His fears were so strong that once he even went as far as locking himself inside a closet during a school fire drill. The all changed, however, when he met a teacher, Lionel who was also a bio-chemist. Thanks to a chemical agent he developed, Adam was able to not only overcome his fear, but also become downright fearless. His family was rather wealthy and when they they passed away he was the only heir. He took that money and started a crusade as the hero Fear, to make his city safe again. As of now only Lionel and Becky Edwards, his current girlfriend, know his secret.


The story begins with Adam attacking some kind of criminal activity that involved boats and the docks. He hopped up on a helmet full of the drug and went off. He got in a fight with at least half a dozen criminals, but was easily able to take care of them until they cracked his helmet. The hole in his helmet caused a gas leak and he was losing his high. He hopped outside and used an inhaler to take a direct dose and returned, ending the battle. Later he went out with his high school sweetheart and current girlfriend, Becky Edwards. She started to ask him why he felt it was his responsibility which triggered an asthma attack. He regained composure and said he felt that the city could return to its former glory. He went to Lionel's house to get another supply of the drug, but got scolded for being so reckless at the docks. That night when he was watching news coverage of him being thrown out of his own restaurant, Becky called him with a tip about an ongoing story. He geared up and head out. The battle was nonexistent and Adam was done in minutes. Prior to the battle he had called Lionel and didn't get an answer; afterwards he went to his house and found it in ruins with the message "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE" scrawled on the floor.

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