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    Who will die at the hands of the Hunters?

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    The Twins

    The group is again on the road after being followed by the biggest herd of zombies Abraham had ever seen. They find a couple of mattresses in an abandoned truck, which would grant them days of good sleep, just before stopping for the night. On the next day, they are ready to leave once again. Andrea says the twins are peeing in the woods and that she'll go get them. However, she finds Billy dead next to Ben, his brother, who holds a knife. The group was shocked and couldn't agree what to do with the disturbed boy. Abraham voted to kill the kid and Rick supported the idea. But the rest of the group, especially Dale and Andrea, was reluctant to murder Ben. Just as they speak, a priest approaches. He says that he has food in his Church and that will take the group there tomorrow. That same night, Carl confronted Ben and without any trace of a doubt, put the other kid out of his misery. On the next day, as the group leaves, we see the hunters spying on them.

    They find out that the Church wasn't as close as they thought it was, since they actually don't arrive that day and have yet to find a place to stay for the night. As they sit down for dinner, a group of zombies attack them. The survivors quickly kill them, although, unknown to them, Dale was bitten.

    Not Alone

    Andrea wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. She goes to the closest tree, just before noticing that she isn't alone. Andrea yells and the rest of the group awakes. As he realizes he is not alone with the woman anymore, the hunter flees. That same night, Dale goes out and is kidnapped.

    The next day, the group goes out looking for dale, as they start to suspect that the appearance of the priest has something to do with the abduction. Unsuccessful, they finally head out for the Church. Once they arrive there, Andrea once again sees one of the hunters spying on them and warns the group.

    The scene then changes back to Dale, as he wakes up in the Hunters' camp, only to find out that his other leg is missing: they are cannibals. The old man starts to laugh, before telling them that he was bitten and that the flesh they are eating is infected. Angry, the leader knocks him out.

    Later on that night, Andrea tells Rick how much she loves Dale and that she wished she could tell him that just one more time. On the next day, Maggie finds Dale outside the Church. He is still breathing and, as Rick tells everyone to take him inside, he notices that they are being watched at that very moment. The group runs inside their temporary home, although one of the hunters shoots Glenn's leg. Angry, Rick states that they are messing with the wrong people. Dale tells him how many hunters there are and what their home looks like. The priest tells Rick that there are 3 possible locations. The ex-cop makes a small group and takes off to finally end them.

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    After a day of searching, Abraham, Michonne, Andrea, the priest and Grimes finally find the cannibals. They assume Rick is alone, and to show that he has company, he orders Andrea to shoot one of the hunters' ear. He shows that his group is superior and collects their weapons. After that, they brutally murder them.

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    Later on, once the massacre is over, the survivors return to the Church, just before Dale's death. They make a funeral for him and, by the end of the arc, Carl tells Rick that it was him who murdered Ben.

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