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As you all know, I am not a huge fan of these extraneous crossover tie-ins and I feel like a lot of them are just pointless attempts to get more money out of us by slapping a banner on a comic that you wouldn’t normally buy in hopes that us completionists will want the whole storyline.   What might surprise everyone is that I, with all my mutant obsession and infatuation, am not at all into Wolverine (much like I am not into Deadpool).    I see no reason that he needs to be on four teams, have two or three solo books at a time AND a Fear Itself solo tie-in series.  

After reading the first issue of Fear Itself: Wolverine, I felt that once again it was another stupid story that’s hardly connected to the main storyline at all…and I was right.   The entire Sutton storyline has barely anything to do with the actual Fear Itself storyline except for the fact that they mention the Worthy hammers and the convenient distraction they provided for the various other battles we are hearing about (like MODOK in Hulk or that crap over in Fear Itself: Deadpool).   But that’s not the important part of this issue…

I honestly couldn’t care less what Wolverine is up to in this issue.   This issue’s shining star wasn’t Logan, it was his new squeeze Melita Garner.   For those of you just tuning into comic in the last few years, Logan’s past loves have included Weapon X victim Silver Fox, Madame Hydra Viper, Yashida Clan leader Mariko Yashida, Phoenix Force host Jean Grey, and the Ronin Samurai Yukio.   So by comparison, as Pete Wisdom so sweetly pointed out, Melita being “just a reporter” does seem a bit tame…or is she?   It’s really easy to run into a warzone with a healing factor, a cosmic entity backing you or years of ninja and samurai training, but its takes considerably more courage and nerve to jump into a city gone mad with nothing but your wits and a twitter.   Armed with a big mouth and a neural disruptor ray given to her by her “sweetie”, as she called him, she jumps right into the middle of a rioting crowd and DEMANDS that everyone stops their crap and go inside until SHE says so, all the while tweeting to her followers to try and give anyone reading SOME glimmer of hope during all the madness.

Let me be clear, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Wolverine being strapped to a warhead and I’m certainly not going to start buying any of Wolvie’s monthly books.   BUT.   As of this issue I am very glad I bought this series, despite it having nothing to do with Fear Itself, and thrilled to have met Logan’s latest lady Melita Garner.   She’s clearly an amazing character and she saved this series managed to take it from one of the worst Fear Itself books and put it far above that OTHER piece of garbage, FI: Deadpool.   Thanks Girl!

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