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Grrrrr.... Rrrraaaah!

Here is the best thing to come out of this issue.  The cover, sadly, is the only thing that works here. 
The Good: 
The art is actually ok, and the fights withing are very typical Wolverine.  That really is about it.   
The Bad: 
Where do I start?  Wolverine's real power is ubiquity.  During the events of Fear Itself (which seem to occur over a couple of days- perhaps a week), he has managed to do stuff with his own team X-Force, the New Avengers in hunt of Ben Grimm, the Avenger interview (albeit occurring afterwards), hunting for Juggernaut in San Francisco in Uncanny X-Men and still have his own issues with this Hellcarrier.  He is amazing!! 
  Secondly, his girlfriend is an extremely forced and annoying character that frankly not one person I know likes.   And yet her profession gives her access to extremely confidential information simply because she's a "friend" of Wolverine.  You can't just ask the British Avengers for information and expect them to just give it to you because you are a) in the Avengers mansion and b) a friend of Wolverine... but that's exactly what happens here.  Then her stupid site... her character is just a waste of several panels.  Atrocious character.   
I would honestly not even bother buying the third issue that concludes this mini series if it wasn't for the fact that I'm a completist.  I can safely say that if I was to ever sell any of my comics, this mini series would be at the top of the stack.  I bought it because the main Wolverine series has been splendid and I love his characterizations in Uncanny X-Force, but good lord, is this terrible. 

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