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Better Than The Last...

Applicable and pretty neat, I would say.  I really like the design of the antagonistic hybrids. 
The Good: 
Now this feels like the X-Force I've been reading for a while now.  Sure, it's not Remender, but Williams actually manages to do a great job and the interactions among our cast is much better here than it was in the previous issue (not that it was bad there either).  The art is stunning, as well, and the dark grittiness is still ever present, definitely keeping the tone and vibe from the main Remender series.  It's still unnecessary , but it's still a whole lot of fun. 
The Bad: 
The pacing was a little weird, and part of the reason I have to dock a star is because I was so utterly lost in the beginning that I had to dig out the previous issue and reread it to know what the hell I was reading here.  I don't know if it's the writing's fault, or just my faulty memory.  Besides that, it was a pretty solid issue and I'm excited to see how it concludes. 
This issue is indubitably better than the first issue and more reminiscent of the X-Force team that we have been given by Remender's newest incarnation.  Williams does an excellent job of delivering a good amount of story, characterization and action in the issue, which is what X-Force has been about the last couple of years. 

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