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Fear everywhere

Speedball in "Scapegoat" part 2 of 7 by Christos Gage (W), Mike Mayhew (A) and Rain Beredo (C) - I know that Marvel is stuck with Civil War, mostly because they fear that there will never be an arc story like it ever, but since Gage is using Robbie´s fear and regret of what happened back in Stamford for sometime now (both in Avengers Initiative and recently in Avengers Academy), it´s so nice to see how this whole concept of fear taking over common people in the crafted hands of Gage and in the amazing realistic art of Mike Mayhew - this is probably the best story in this miniseries, showing how Robbie, Mirian Sharpe and Stamford locals will react with the whole fear overcoming everyone and how they´ll join forces to defeat it - good dialogues, some shocking scenes and great art. 4.5 out 5
Jimmy Woo in "The Age of Anxiety" part 2 of 4 by Peter Milligan (W), Elia Bonetti (A), John Rauch (C) and Troy Peteri (L) - Though it´s nice seeing the Agents of Atlas digging the truth behind the whole Thule Society and the Book of the Serpent (as showed in Fear Itself - The Book of the Skull), Milligan doesn´t mantain a good balance in the dialogues, most of them are boring and unnecessary, but the art of Elia Bonetti is satisfatory enough to make this story interesting, while the writer delivers some interesting captions of Jimmy´s thoughts and some nice characterizations of the Gorilla and the Uranian. 3.5 out 5
A moment with...the Purple Man by Howard Chaykin (W/A) and Edgar Delgado (C) - another terrible one page story, meaningless, stupid, disconnected, I really don´t understand the point of this initiative by Marvel, it would be better to have a profile of a character, or even a space for letters, other thant this ridiculous thing. 0 out 5
Liz Allan in "Between Stations" by Corinna Bechko (W), Lelio Bonaccorso (A) and Brian Reber (C) - As an attempt of showing how the lives of the ordinary people are affected by Fear Itself, this was a short story of Liz Allan returning home with Normie and their train is attacked; seriously, this was bad writen and the art is terrible too, I would prefer seeing Ben Urich covering situations than this ridiculous attempt, proving that Marvel doesn´t know what they´re doing in this title. 1 out 5
Honestly, the only reason for me to keep following this terrible tie in is because of Gage and Mayhew´s story of Speedball, but if you´re not a fan of this creative team or the character, stay off this book, avoid it, I do not recommend it at all.
3 out 5

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