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    As the effects of The Serpent spread among the populace, Speedball is in the most hostile territory imaginable...Stamford, Connecticut, whose people blame him for six hundred deaths. And it's about to get worse, as he must go up against one of the Serpent's elite vanguard alone!

    Jimmy Woo’s journey to uncover an international conspiracy takes him and the Agents of Atlas to Europe and a descent into universal intrigue where if the voyage doesn’t kill them, what they find there will! More explosive and heart-wrenching tales from across the globe as the entire Marvel Universe quakes from Fear Itself!

    *Speedball in "Scapegoat", part 2 of 7 by Gage & Mayhew

    -Speedball manages to escape from the angry Stamford mob, surprisingly with the assistance of Miriam Sharpe, the founder of the organization that's rallying against him and blames him for the death of her son. Supervillains escaped from the raft (See Fear Itself #2) are on the rampage through Stamford and Sharpe is reluctant to let Speedball out of her sight to help, considering what happened last time he tried to fight villains in her town, but she eventually agrees that with the damages and injuries being caused by Whirlwind, Living Laser and others, Speedball's involvement couldn't possibly make things worse. Unfortunately, Speedball isn't that much help as he's taken down fairly easily by Living Laser. While the villains make their escape, there is an amusing reference to Icemaster's embarrassing origins as a villain from one of the infamous "Hostess Fruit Pies" ads of the 70's.

    The same angry mob from before catches up with the unconscious Speedball and figures out a way they can hurt him. Without hitting him in any way that would trigger his kinetic powers, the mob's leader pulls a plastic bag over his head and proceeds to attempt to suffocate him. Things are looking grim for our hero, until Miriam Sharpe shows up to save the day, wielding a shotgun.

    *Jimmy Woo [and the Agents of Atlas] in "The Age of Anxiety" part 2 of 4, by Milligan & Bonetti

    -The Atlas team explores the Thule society's castle while Nazi robots rampage through the place. The team splits up; Jimmy going with M-11 and the rest separate. M-11 helps Jimmy to find a secret lab filled with the remains of Atlanteans who were tortured for the Thule Society's mystic rites during World War II, the same rites that led into what's going on right now. Jimmy's first concern is to keep Namora from discovering the desecrated remains of her kin, but has no time to figure out a way to do this as the rest of the team quickly arrives on the scene.

    *A Moment With... The Purple Man" by Howard Chaykin

    -Megalomaniac mind controlling villain Zebediah Killgrave makes his escape from the blown open Raft prison facility, bemoaning why the Hammer Juggernaut picked up there couldn't have been for him.

    *Liz Allan in "Between Stations" by Corinna Bechko and Lelio Bonaccorso

    Liz Allan, formerly Liz Osborn, is on the subway taking her son Normie into the city to visit with his father when the mass hysteria of "Fear Itself" intervenes. Two thugs force their way into her train car, prepared to hold people hostage until they can receive medical attention for the injured brother among them. Liz manages to handle the situation herself, bandaging the injured man up thanks to her prior nurse training.


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    Speedball in "Scapegoat" part 2 of 7 by Christos Gage (W), Mike Mayhew (A) and Rain Beredo (C) - I know that Marvel is stuck with Civil War, mostly because they fear that there will never be an arc story like it ever, but since Gage is using Robbie´s fear and regret of what happened back in Stamford for sometime now (both in Avengers Initiative and recently in Avengers Academy), it´s so nice to see how this whole concept of fear taking over common people in the crafted hands of Gage and in...

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