Fear Itself #7

    Fear Itself » Fear Itself #7 - Thor's Day released by Marvel on December 1, 2011.

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    Tony Stark returns from the depths with a last-chance arsenal that will transform the Avengers from Earth's Mightiest Heroes...into Earth's Last Hope! It's THOR'S DAY-- the day that everything ends! Double sized Finale with a little something extra for keen eye.


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    And No, I Still Don't Believe Bucky Is Really Dead 0

    Fear Itself ends with not a bang or even a whimper. It ends with the sound of a head repeatedly smacking against a frustration at a story event that has been so dragged out and now manages to feel rushed and hollow as it comes to its conclusion.It is really hard to know where to even begin about this issue. You know how you (or someone you know) has two weeks to write a paper but doesn't really write it until the last day? I think that works as an analogy for Fear Itself. Matt Fraction s...

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    It's all Odin's fault! 0

    There's always too much hype and speculation regarding big events like Fear Itself, you can say almost a living dynamic or symbiosis like MattDemers cleverly and funny pointed out when he created the "board of things that happen in big events", like a checklist, a path that the writers and editors follow when the subject is big events - I don't want to bring up the whole discussion of "is the industry abusing of fans by delivering big events each year, are the fans fed up of big events", instead...

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    Hugely anticlimactic 0

    This is, hands down, the least satisfying conclusion I've seen to any of Marvel's big crossover events of the past decade, with the possible exception of "Shadowland" (though Shadowland doesn't really count as BIG like House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege, Fear Itself).All over the Marvel Universe these past 7 months, there has been massive buildup in this title, its spinoffs, and the crossover tie-in issues of all the regular monthly titles. Heroes and villains are reborn as "The Chose...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.
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