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The penultimate chapter of the apocalypse is here! Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man scramble to make Earth's last stand against the relentless Serpent and his army of world-shattering avatars--all while amongst unbelievable chaos and destruction, Spider-Man makes the choice of a lifetime! Dark Asgard has risen and all of Earth's forces converge on the World Tree as the globe shudders in the shadow of FEAR ITSELF!


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No Wonder Fear Itself Needed Extra Issues Between Now and End 0

For another issue, Fear Itself wanders aimlessly and slowly to its conclusion, apparently not aware that it comes in the very next issue. The plot progresses mere inches at a time. Characters panic as if they haven't faced similar and worse threats dozens of times before. Odin stands as the sole character written with any real depth to his characterization. Basically, it's just another issue of Fear Itself.I do honestly wonder if Matt Fraction is aware that this is supposed to be a seven issue l...

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THE GOOD:There realy was nothing good about this comic book.THE BAD:1. Is this the real Captain America??? It can't be. First, Captain America didn't even assemble the Avengers. Where are all the other Avengers?? Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, or the other 1000 Avengers?? Norman Osborn would have done a far better job than Cap. Captain America actaully leads a group of rednecks into battle with a God.!!!! The real Captain America would never put innocents in danger like that. Cap's reaction to Fear has...

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Is Fraction finally getting this back on track? 0

Marvel's summer event "Fear Itself" was promoted well but has never lived up to expectations. The first issue started strong and laid an interesting foundation but by the second issue the story was stumbling all over itself and lost it's feel of importance. With that being said, issue #6 may be the best of the series so far.  This is a buildup issue as Matt Fraction puts all of his characters in place for the big showdown in next month's finale. This issue has what most of the other's lacked - ...

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