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The blockbuster Marvel event of the year continues! Thor. Hulk. Thing. The fight to end all fights. And while it rages, the Serpent's forces deal Captain America a blow not even he can withstand.


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Action Packed!!!! 0

  Cover I have been really liking the covers for Fear Itself because of the different colors of the banners and the art has been pretty solid. Story There is a big battle in New York and this time the heroes are losing. Best Part This issue was very action packed which I liked to see because I wanted a big battle in these last couple of issues. Something that I also really liked in this issue was the last words that Captain America said “ Look around you Hawkeye…we are going to lose”. ...

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Really? ...Really? Really. 0

Five issues in, Fear Itself slows to a crawl as the Serpent, who rose last issue, seems to rise again. Or he continues to rise, depending how you wish to phrase it.  The point is that the issue fails to move the plot far from where we were at last issue. There are a couple instances where developments emerge, but this issue is largely still at a standstill with the main story, where people with hammers continue to fight. Greg Land really should have been the artist for this event. Why would I sp...

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Suck It Beardo! 0

I really, really wanted this event to be epic.  It had all the right ingredients, cool concept, big stakes, and a good writer artist team.  The actual execution of the story on the other hand, is something else all together though.  Don't get me wrong the issue is entertaining, but once I read through it I realized there hadn't been much ground covered since the last issue.  The art by Immonen is as usual very pleasing to the eye and I can't see him becoming a much more frequent artist once this...

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