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You have nothing to fear, but this event being a dud. 1


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Tony Stark Finds the Best Way to Make Fear Itself More Enjoyable 7

Fear Itself arrives at its middle chapter with a lot of noise but seemingly little understanding of what it is doing there. It throws in big action and big drama with little to no weight behind them, slowing the momentum of this story to a crawl. The saddest thing about this hollow experience is that it seems unaware of how superficial it is.  The issue picks up from Bucky Barnes' death in the previous issue and does nothing to give any meaning to it. It apparently makes Black Widow sad. Then, i...

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A death not noticed 3

  Cover I was pretty excited to read this issue because the cover looked pretty cool. Especially because we see someone holding the Captain America mask and we can see the result of what happened to Bucky in the last issue. Something I like about the Fear Itself main series covers is that color is always different. Even though this issues color was a lot like the first issue’s cover. Story Steve Rodgers, Tony Stark, and Thor all work together to fight the Serpent and all the people working ...

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HE'S DEAD!!! 2

The Story Thor returns back on Earth in Broxton, former resting place of Asgard. The townspeople tell him to scram, they're better off without superhumans, and to "go blow someone else up". Thor leaves. The Serpent and Odin have some big long monologues about winning, while some dynamic scenes play of the terror that everyone is facing. We flash over to Iron Man, Black Widow, and Nick Fury, talking about what to do. Bucky is lying there, looking very dead. Thor shows up and tells them Odin's pla...

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Who cares Steve has a movie coming out the 22nd. 1

Review of Fear Itself #4 of 7.   The Story: People are kinda sad about Bucky being maybe dead. Thor is back on Earth, goes to Steve and Tony in order to fight Sin and stuff. Steve kinda but not really wonders about being Captain America and becomes him. And then some kid in Canada gets scared from dead fish in a river and The Serpent gets a power up.    The Good: The scene with going to Odin and drinking as a sacrifice is kinda powerful, since it's named "Démon dans une bouteille" but it kinda...

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Fear Itself Half Time Show (Some Spoilers) 1

This is not a review of Fear Itself #4 exactly, its more of a review of the crossover so far.  There's a lot to say about this crossover so far.  Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it just "What were they thinking?"  I am going to get my biggest gripe out of the way right off the bat.  TOO MANY TIE-INS! If you read any my blogs pertaining to Chaos War or referencing Secret Invasion/Civil War, then you know I hate extraneous and pointless tie-ins.  That said, this is a huge storyline wi...

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Fear Itself #4 0


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Good, but still doesn't feel as big as it should... 0

As I've said before, it seems that Marvel is great at promoting their huge events but often times fall short on the execution of the event. "Fear Itself" is feeling a lot like that. You can't deny that there is tons of potential with the concept. But here we are at the half way point and the series just doesn't carry the weight it should.  Matt Fraction doesn't give us a bad issue here. It's just lacking in certain areas. Last issue we were left with a pretty dramatic and emotional ending. For ...

2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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