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    Two Words, Holy Crap!!

    Lets start out with this, my own words an opinion 
    I honestly had no let me repeat no expectations for this event, i saw the title an the concept an thought it was meh. I went into this whole event with nothing but a curiosity for it. But i was so freaking wrong, i cannot begin to fathom what is going to happen.  
    Story-The things that happen in this issue, holy crap. I never ever EVER saw some of these things coming. I mean we were teased with images of what could happen. But never saw the ass whooping a big named character recieved in this issue, ever saw it coming. I forsee something big and horrible happening to our Flag Friend. I hope it doesnt happen cause it would destroy so many people connected to him, but i am floored by the event. To see the emotions immediately following it, if the next issue is what I think it will be i will cry or at least tear up. 
    I do wish i got to see more Juggy in this, i love his Fear God form whatever its called. I want to see where they go with him, and I hope the next issue will show more and tell more. The Tie-Ins coming soon will probably not have him, but what they will have is one of my favorite underrated villains kicking some ass...hopefully. Seeing Absorbing man as a host is just freaking awesome, and Titania omg lol. This event is for us readers who have been reading for many many years. Seeing the under dogs in action it gives us some hope that these characters are never forgotten, just not used unless they fit. And do they fit in this story. Give this story a 4 
    Art-I dont really enjoy the art of this issue, nor do I enjoy it in any of the other issues. Its...too pretty? I cant say how it is i just dont like it, ill admit its more than detailed. Especially in the fight scenes but for most part the only redeeming thing for the art is the transformed versions of those who lift the Hammers.  Give it a 3.5
    Overall-This is the big issue for the beginning of the event, the hype is being shown an its being glorified. So i hope it doesnt fail in the end, i love the story but I wish somethings were worked out a little bit. Plus ive become more of a art person as of late which I hate, and it comes out with this issue. But besides that I cannot wait for the coming issues, these stories are the reason I still stick onto Marvel. Loving every moment of this.

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