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Lock your doors because Fear is upon us



I have been really excited for this event. So, seeing this cover just made me excited to jump into the story.


The people in the world are in chaos and keep causing chaos. So the Avengers know that there are no villains behind this but want to fix it. Also the Avengers are busy wanting to fix Asgard. But Odin does not want to be with humans and they make Asgard with the snap of his fingers. Now the people of the world are left with no gods.

Best Part

I thought this was a great start for the story arc because you can see a set up for fear. I love that there was this random family who was leaving town and a man mentioned to lock your doors. I think that is one of the first things that symbolizes fear. I thought that was just perfect to add into the story. That was a foreshadowing I feel for what is to come.

Worst Part

I am not a big Captain American fan or Thor fan so it disappointed me to be a little lost in this issue because I do not keep up with those characters. I just hope that this story arc does not just focus on those two characters but I think it is highly unlikely they will. I think they just had them as main characters in this issue but I think other characters are going to have a chance to shine in this story arc also. If not in this series of Fear Itself they will have time to shine in the other titles that will connect with Fear Itself.


I really enjoyed the art for this issue. I am glad that they are going for the look of New Avengers but a little less sketchy then New Avengers. I guess because they really tried to be perfect with the art for this big story arc.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!

4 out of 5

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