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A Good Start, But I'm Left a Little Wanting 18

Crossovers have a set formula, as any other works of fiction; you can't have all the action up-front, because it will either wear our your readers of leave you with so little gas in the tank that by the end, your story will be spluttering. The Good Fraction is quick to throw us into the thick of the action with a riot and storming-a-nazi-fortress sequence, then brings us back down with interspersed scenes that are a bit low-key. This is great because it keeps us on the edge of our seat, knowing ...

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Plenty to Fear 0

  Marvel officially kicked off 2011’s major cross over event: Fear Itself, today. Issue #1: The Serpent introduces the core conflicts that Tony Stark, Thor, and original Captain America Steve Rogers will have to face alongside the rest of the Avengers.   The Serpent focuses on Thor and his father Odin, and their disagreement concerning their homeland of Asgard, which lies in rubble within America’s heartland. Tony Stark has offered to rebuild the city of the gods, and in doing so employ thousand...

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There's A "Who's Your All-Daddy" Joke Somewhere In This Event 0

Fear Itself gets off to a good launch with a first issue that manages to actually to smooth out some of the concerns leading up to Marvel's latest mega-event.At first glance, it is a little hard to see an event starring Thor and Steve Rogers as anything other than an artificial cash-in to this year's Marvel movies, but this issue sells it as more than that. The combination of old Nazi sorcery and an ancient Norse evil does feel like a natural union that would star our two heroes. Reading this is...

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Does Odin Have To Smack A Punk? 0

THE BASICSMarvel's big event officially starts here. Grab your tickets and find your seats.  MY COMPLIMENTS TO THE CHEFWhile anyone who's been following the hype train that's been chugging through all things comics in regards to this event won't be surprised by anything in this first issue, it's likely that they'll be pleased by the execution. Fraction does a good job of setting the scene for what's to come in an exciting way. I'm genuinely looking forward to the next issue. I'm even excited for...

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Fear Itself #1 Review by Peteparker 3

SPOILER WARNING: Click here to reveal hidden content.5/5, what can I say, I like events, and there hasn't been a good Marvel one since Secret Invasion (if you ignore the ending of that one)...      ...

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Lock your doors because Fear is upon us 3

   Cover I have been really excited for this event. So, seeing this cover just made me excited to jump into the story. Story The people in the world are in chaos and keep causing chaos. So the Avengers know that there are no villains behind this but want to fix it. Also the Avengers are busy wanting to fix Asgard. But Odin does not want to be with humans and they make Asgard with the snap of his fingers. Now the people of the world are left with no gods. Best Part I thought this was a ...

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Peter David did it better. 0

Issue #1 of 7 of the new Marvel event.   The Story: Sin gets one of Red Skull's old plans to take over the world and starts something big.Also Tony plans of rebuilding Asgard witht he help of his company but Odin isn't happy and after a brawl with his son all the Asgardian's leave but ehre have been sightings of strange lights plunging all over the world.   The Good: This event is off to a very strong start that set's-up everything that is going to happen in the next issues and tries very hard t...

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Feel the Fear 0

I didn't read anything regarding this series. No previews, promos, anything. In fact, i didn't even realise the book was out this week! The cover itself grabbed me (McNiven is excellent at that), picking it up at Kapow comic-con yesterday, and seeing the talent creating this book, i couldn't resist.Matt Fraction is a fantastic writer. He has more than proven himself with Invincible Iron Man, which is an essential book. It shines through straight from the first page, which is almost cinematic, ev...

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SHAZAM!!!! Asgards back where it belongs. 0

Fear Itself is another anticipated Marvel event that throws Marvel’s greatest heroes into another world threatening problem. Strongly residing with Thor, Asgard, and most of all his father Odin, the Marvel heroes finds themselves facing two major problems, a new major threat rising and the all Asgardians leaving Earth and their heroes to their own fate. As promising as the short synopsis sounds, it is an idea that writer Matt Fraction tried to properly produce within this issue and yet I get th...

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Fear Makes The Serpent Bigger Than He Is 16

OverviewThere are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them, but giant Marvel mega events with a bajillion cross over tie ins that suck? Perhaps the fear involved in spending so much money only to be overwhelmed or disappointed is perfectly justified in this particular instance. So seeing as hardly anyone reviewed this issue, I thought I would attempt to look at all the parts of this first issue of the giant Marvel Fear Itself event blockbuster, that others might be overlooking, or ...

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What Do You Fear? 0

 What´s Going On - It feels that Marvel liked the idea of Asgard stuck on Earth and this has been the generator of a lot of stories for the House of Ideas, from the whole saga in the Thor comic book ongoing series (writen by Fraction) through Siege, and now the new saga "Fear Itself". From the first look in this issue I definitely got the impression that this mega event will be considerably about Captain America/Steve Rogers and Thor, like all the press release stated in the earlier month...

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Keeping my hopes alive 0

First off, I usually do not read these big comic arcs like this until they run there course and release as a stand alone graphic novel, but all the promo work on this one made me pick it up.I have been a fan of Thor for a good long while and was of mixed feelings at the end of Siege. It was a decent read (Bendis can only be tolerated for so long) but I loved the art. the heroic and strong style of Oliver Coipel made that series as good as it was. But I digress, it is Fear Itself that we are talk...

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Dont start this 0

Before I start this, let me reassure you, I'm not a comic basher.But to be honest, I felt a great lack of interest and relvance in this comic. The story seemed to just come out of nowhere, even when following add-ons or preludes. The series starts with a riot between a few protesters, where Steve Rogers somehow cant believe it was just a riot. He asked his fellow Avengers to see if they where being mind-controlled. What i already found somewhat silly. Then there is the scene with Sin, whom found...

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