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Some of the characters that were published by Fawcett are:

Ace of Blades

Ant Queen

Atom Blake

Balbo, the Boy Magician

Banshee O' Brien (Fawcett, DC)


Birdman (Fawcett version)

Black Adam (Fawcett, DC)

Black Beauty

Black Clown

Black Hood (Fawcett version)

Black Mandarin

Blackmask (Fawcett version)

Black Mikado

Black Rat

Black Spider (Fawcett version)

Black Thorn (Fawcett version)

Brain (Fawcett version)



Bulletman and Bulletgirl and Bulletdog (Fawcett, DC)

Commando Yank

Captain Nazi (Fawcett, DC)

Captain Marvel (Fawcett, DC)

Captain Marvel Jr. (Fawcett, DC)

Captain Midnight (Fawcett, Dell, Moonstone, Dark Horse)

Captain Venture (Fawcett, Dell)

Captain Video

Chuck Ramsey (Fawcett, Dark Horse)

Count Spectrum

Countess Siroon

Crime Man

Crystal (Fawcett version)

Dan Dare (not the British sci-fi hero) (Fawcett version)

Dark Angel (Fawcett version)

Devil's Dagger

Diamond Jack

Doctor Death I,II (Fawcett version)

Doctor Destiny

Doctor Fear

Doctor Mood

Doctor Riddle

Doctor Voodoo (Fawcett, Charlton)

Don Winslow of the Navy (Bell, Fawcett, Charlton)

El Carim: Master of Magic

Dr. Sivana (Fawcett, DC)

Sivana Family (Fawcett, DC)

Evil Eye

Fleshless Ones

Ghost (Fawcett version)

Golden Arrow (Fawcett, DC)

Green Devil

Headless Horror

Horned Hood

Horrible Hand

The Hunchback

Hurricane Hanson

Illyria, the Spy Queen

Invisible Man

Ivan Shark (Fawcett, Dark Horse)

Jagga, the Space Raider

Jim Dolan

Johnny Blair

Joyce Ryan (Fawcett, DC)

Judges of the Dead

Lance O' Casey

Lee Granger, Jungle King

Laughing Skull

Lightning King

Limping Mummy

Master Man (Fawcett version)

Mark Swift and The Time Retarder

Mister H

Mystic Man

Ibis the Invincible (Fawcett, DC)

Mary Marvel (Fawcett, DC)

Marvel Family (Fawcett, DC)

Minute Man (Fawcett, DC)

Mirage Maker

Mento, Spirit of Murder


Mr. Atom (Fawcett, DC)

Mr. Avarice

Mr. Mind (Fawcett, DC)

Mr. Mind's Monster Society of Evil (Fawcett, DC)

Mister Night

Mister Skeleton

Mister Scarlett and Pinky (Fawcett, DC)

Mister Skeleton

Mister Tawky Tawny (Fawcett, DC)

Murder Prophet

Nyoka, the Jungle Girl (based on Edgar Rice Burroughs movie Jungle Girl)


Phantom Bomber

Phantom Eagle (Fawcett, Marvel)

Penguin (Fawcett version)


Raiders of Ramat

Rainbow Skywriter

Red Death

Red Gaucho

Scoop Smith (Fawcett, DC)

Shazam (Fawcett, DC)

Sea-Devil (Fawcett version)

Sargeant Twilight



Spy Smasher (Fawcett, DC)


Tigress (Fawcett version)

The Mask (Fawcett version)

The Shark (Fawcett, DC)

Vampires Daughter

War Bird (Fawcett version)

Warlock the Wizard

Weeper (Fawcett, DC)

White Rajah

X-33 (Fawcett version of G.I. Robot)

Xog, King of Saturn

Zoe of El Casa Del Oro

Zoro, The Mystery Man

Some characters have separate bios, while others do not.


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