Fawcett City

    Location » Fawcett City appears in 163 issues.

    The home of Billy Batson AKA Captain Marvel.

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    Fawcett City is not only home to Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family but also Bulletman and Bulletgirl, Spy Smasher, Ibis the Invincible, Mister Scarlet and many others.

    Fawcett City has an old time feel to it, as if it were stuck in the 1950's. It was revealed that The Wizard actually asked Ibis the Invincible to cast a spell over the city to slow the passage of time. The spell was cast to spare the residents of the town from the evils of the modern world. The spell has since been lifted and Fawcett City is slowly becoming more modern, though it still has a hind of old fashioned values.

    Fawcett City is named after Fawcett Publications, the company that produced Captain Marvel comics. When DC Comics bought the rights to the Fawcett characters, it was retconned that they all existed in the city of Fawcett. It is believed that Fawcett City may be located in Wisconsin, Indiana or Minnesota--the location of Fawcett Publishing.

    Places of Interest

    • WHIZ Radio - Bill Batson AKA Captain Marvel works here.
    • Sivana Industries - owned by Captain Marvel arch-villain Dr. Sivana.

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