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    Once an adventuring dragon. Fauntleroy was sealed into a human form.

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    Origin of the Dragon

    Fauntleroy is a dragon who is from the Jade Realm, a world where technology was mostly abandoned and instead magic accepted. The human species are the majority, but they co exist with other kinds such as werewolf, werecats, wererats, Amazons, wurms, drakes, and dragons. Wurms, Drakes and Dragons are all born of the same eggs, but only dragons are allowed names, rights or property in the dragon hierarchy. These rights also include the right to have children.
    Fauntleroy is a dragon who had fifty wives and a twisted sense of adventure. Human adventurers would travel to caves to fight dragons. Fauntleroy is a dragon who would adventure into citadels and castles for fun and treasure. His reign of terror continued unchecked for many years before he invaded a new kingdom. This one belonged to a powerful enchanter known as Balthazar. Using powerful magic. Fauntleroy was forced to change into a humans form and never be able to return to his full dragon shape. He was cast out of the Jade Realm and cast away to the Earth Realm. Of his many wives of two remained with him after the loss of his power. Fauntleroy addresses them as numbers. No. 6 and No. 38(self named Jane). They are not dragons like him, but they can change forms between a monster-like forms, of Wurms and Drakes, to a human female shape. Though they both wish to be dragons. They hope that if they help Fauntleroy to have the power to break the seal on his form. That he will use the same power to grant them the form of dragons.

    Hunt for the Power of the Djinni

    Gina Digger, who was fresh off winning the Adventurer of the Year Award, was looking for a new challenge. She found it from the Djinni named Madrid. She told them of a mystery to be found in the ruins of the Uhm di Turrok, Halls of the Extremely Dead. As Gina Diggers, Stripe 'Gia, and Penny Pincer searched the Uhm di Turrok. Fauntleroy was discovered and did battle with the war mage Seance. Though Fauntleroy had great strength he was constantly trick by Seance's ability to control simple magics and much to his surprise. Seance knew of his whole story. Fed up, Fauntleroy pulled out a Dwarven Blade to fight a mage. The fight ended with Seance soundly beat Fauntleroy in the fight, but not before he cut Seance with the mystical blade. This cut the aura of Seance war mage body and cause his true, skinny, body to be revealed. The Diggers team thought they had won, but then never realized this was part of Fauntleroy's plan.
    Hellbent on the goal of breaking the seal on his body he sought out the power of the powerful beings on earth known as the Djinni. He found one named Madrid, but she didn't have the abilities he thought. The Djinnis' full abilities required the source of the magical sun of her home realm. A power that can only be used to the benefit of others. As part of his plan. Fauntleroy force Madrid to seek Gina Diggers out. The idea was to fool the Wise One of the Tablet. He would set Gina on the trail to find the Djinni tablet in the Uhm di Turrok.  Fuantleroy used his two wives to battle against Gina all for the viewing of the Wise One.  He realized that he did not have the power to force the Wise one to do as he wished or the purity of heart to get him to agree to help him. He wised for the Wise One to watch as Gina Diggers overcame his wives in hopes of seeing her as worthy to help in the search for the magic sun. A plan that eventually worked. The Wise One had agreed to assist Gina Diggers in finding the realm of the Djinni.

    Fauntleroy's Power

    A normal dragon of the Jade Realm would had the ability to use many forms of magic and take on the form of a human at will. Due to the the enchanter Balthazar sealing Fauntleroy into a humans form. He also lost most of his magic, but retained incredible physical strength.

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