Character » Fauna appears in 48 issues.

    Fauna is one of the Three Good Fairies, along with the other two, Flora and Merryweather.

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    Fauna has the most "mellow" and "kind" personality between all the Good Fairies. She is shown to only do the purest type of magic, meaning she only believes in good, and only uses her magic for good.


    Handy Work - Fauna is seen using her magic for house work like all the good fairies, but her particular task was baking a cake, which she didn't do so well on when she didn't have magic, so she used magic and the cake turned out beautiful.

    Gift - Like all the Good Fairies Fauna has the ability to bestow gifts on people, her particular gift that she gave to Aurora was the "Gift of Song" or simply put the ability to sing beautifully.

    Sleep Magic - Fauna,like the other Good Fairies, used their magic to put everyone in the castle asleep.

    Other - Fauna is seen helping out Prince Phillip my using her magic to give his horse a small amout of "flight" ability so he could reach the other side of a large jump.


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