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Multi-millionaire owner of a string of hobby shops, and the world’s leading expert on hobbies of all sorts, Van Crawford (no first name ever given) was out for a walk one day when he saw a flying saucer crash. Going to it’s aid he discovered the saucer was really a shape-shifting alien.

To reward Van Crawford for helping him the alien gave him a drank that Crawford thought tasted like a chocolate milkshake, it however was really the substance the race the alien belonged to used to turn into a flying saucers.

Van Crawford found that now he too could transform the same way, devising a costume, and calling himself Fatman, he devoted himself to fighting evil.

Before long he gained a side-kick in a teenage, who due to a magic spell, could coat himself in tin calling himself Tin-Man.

When in flying saucer form Van Crawford could fly faster than sound, fire force beams and deflect bullets.

When in his Van Crawford form he was remarkable agile and gymnastic and was able to use his girth as a weapon itself by doing things such as landing on adversaries after a triple forward flip or just hitting them with his belly.


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