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Completely deluded and misinformed, Tyler Dayspring aims to get revenge on the people in his life that have caused him the most harm. His father Cable is his prime target, but also on the list is Stryfe for messing with Tyler's brain, and Stryfe's supposed parents Cyclops and Jean Grey.

Tyler's first order of business is to get Stryfe in control of Cable's body so that he may destroy both men at once. (It is unclear how Tyler knew that Stryfe's psyche was embedded in Cable's after the events of the X-Cutioner's Song. It is also unclear as to why Stryfe had to be brought out instead of left dormant, since destroying Cable's body should have killed both men anyway.) Tyler enlists the help of Mr. Sinister, knowing that the man has a keen interest in the Summers bloodline. He informs Mr. Sinister that he is both Tyler Dayspring and Mr. Tolliver, a fact that Mr. Sinister should relay to Cable as a way to get Cable to search Tyler out. In addition to this message, Mr. Sinister is to release a frequency in Cable's brain that will release Stryfe so as to take over Cable's body.

Mr. Sinister does what he is asked by meeting with Cable and Domino at the grave of Madelyne Pryor. Sinister steps from the shadows and explains that Cable was more than a mere clone of Madelyne's son; Cable is in fact the son himself and Stryfe is the clone. (It is not clear how Mr. Sinister learned this truth.) He then zaps Cable in a way that releases Stryfe, who takes over Cable's body.

As Stryfe begins to hunt down Tyler Dayspring, Mother Askani sends a herald into the past to warn the family of Cable - Cyclops and Jean Grey. Before the messenger can reach the two, however, Tyler appears and takes this second Askani captive. As a captive, Askani shows Tyler the truth about many things, including that Stryfe was the clone. Tyler can't believe that Cable with his messed up body was the pure son while Stryfe was the corrupted one with his perfect body. Tyler begins to question some of the choices he's made based on his excuse of nature versus nurture. That's when Stryfe attacks.

In New York, Domino makes her way to Professor Xavier, Cyclops, and Jean Grey and informs them as to what Mr. Sinister said. Cyclops is shocked that his actual son is Cable and the four head out to find him. They eventually locate Stryfe fighting Tyler and the telepaths invade Stryfe's mind. Stryfe is convinced that he was the clone and he decides to fade out of Cable's mind. Cable wakes to find Tyler already gone. Cable asks Cyclops about Madelyne.

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