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    Father Wrath was a preacher from Tennessee.  He was a fanatic, racist and homophobe; no-one was sure if he really was a real priest.  However, despite his extreme personality, he was secretly a cross-dresser and was attracted to men.  
    Originally, he was grooming a young man named Samuel Lawrence to become his protege and succesor.  However, when he made sexual advances on Samuel, Samuel smacked him across the head with a wooden crucifix. Father Wrath died from his wounds. 
    He remained dead until he was resurrected by Laura Lochs, a vengeful schoolgirl.  Laura had a book of spells that allowed her to control Father Wrath completely. The two headed out a Spring Break beach and the two planned on killing the students there. However, Father Wrath was put to rest by Cassie Hack while Laura Lochs was severely burned. 
    Later, in the town of Haverhill, Missouri, Cassie and Vlad would come across a new Father Wrath who was actually Samuel Lawrence.  Vlad learns that the original Father Wrath was actually Samuel's uncle.  Samuel killed Father Wrath after the priest tried to seduce him.  Samuel was disillusioned for a time, left his religious beliefs behind and fornicated in sin.  But it wasn't long before came to believe that, although what his uncle tried to do to him was wrong, what his uncle did to sinners was right.  And so, Samuel took the name Father Wrath and took up his fight against sin.   
    Vlad snapped Samuel's neck, killing him.

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