Father Sea

    Character » Father Sea appears in 2 issues.

    Primordial patriarch of all ocean gods in the DC Universe.

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    The primal father of all oceans and life. In time immemorial in the cosmos, before everyone existed, he joined Mother Salt, creating his children, the primordial forces Sky, Fire, Wind and Earth. His children, in turn, created new descendants with his essence and Father Sea observed how his descendants had forgotten him. Angry about it, he told his wife that they must destroy that world and remake it for a new one. Mather Salt, she told her children and they decided to assassinate him to preserve himself. Because of this, his mother divided into seven monsters with which he fought his own children. At the culminating moment of the battle, Fire and Sky were united giving rise to the Sun and causing the defeat of their mother and their apparent disappearance. As a tribute to their parents, they created human beings, who would contain the essence of the ocean and the salt inside their blood.

    Unspoken Water

    Much later, when a amnesic Aquaman and accompanied by Caille leave the Island of Unspoken Water to face Namma to save a group from Sea Gods of the World, they remember their mission: to protect the life and vastness of the ocean thanks to the actions of Arthur. In this way, the hero and the group of deities unite to defeat the restored Mother Salt. In the heat of battle, and after the defeat of his enemy, Aquaman suffers a faint and loss of strength, at which point Father Sea appears to rescue him and help him return to earth. The Sea Gods of the World recognize his authority and recognize Aquaman's authority as his equal: a protector of life and the oceans. Satisfied with this, Father Sea returns to the oceans to return minutes later to give his new hero a gift: a new trident that symbolizes his power.


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