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    Father Craemer is a priest who was the chaplain at Belle Reve while it was the headquarters of the Suicide Squad. He later became a spiritual adviser to Jim Corrigan.

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    Raised alongside at least one brother, who would go on to become a lawyer, Richard Craemer attended a seminary and became a priest. A caring and involved priest, he nonetheless fell afoul of his superiors, and was ultimately assigned to be the chaplain at Belle Reve.


    Father Craemer was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell. He made his first appearance in Suicide Squad #10.

    Major Story Arcs

    Suicide Squad

    Craemer acts as spiritual counsel to the members of the Suicide Squad and, following the departure of Simon LaGrieve and Marnie Herrs, begins to offer psychological support as well. During this time he grows particularly close to Nightshade. On one occasion he joins the team on a mission, accompanying them to Africa in an effort to rescue a captured nun. He leaves Belle Reve some time after the final dissolution of the Squad.


    Working again in a church, Craemer hears the confession of Jim Corrigan. Following the confession, he speaks to Corrigan about the crises in Vlatava. The Spectre travels to Vlatava and razes it, becoming convinced that he must destroy Earth in order to eradicate evil. Craemer and several others are gathered together to confront the Spectre, and Craemer is able to help Corrigan reassert control over the Spectre. From then on Craemer becomes Corrigan's spiritual advisor. Later, he helps rescue Spectre from Azmodus. When the Spectre and Corrigan begin separating he encourages them to travel inside themselves. After Corrigan casts off the mantle of the Spectre and finally dies, Craemer attends his funeral and witnesses the spontaneous appearance of an epitaph on his tombstone.

    Secret Six

    Craemer is called by Deadshot, whom he had previously met while working for the Suicide Squad. Meeting him in a diner, Deadshot confides to Craemer that he has been having homicidal urges. Craemer encourages him to leave the diner, and the pair take a walk while Deadshot gives Craemer a brief tour of Gotham. They are attacked by a mugger, and Craemer is able to convince Deadshot not to kill him, telling him that Deadshot's mental decline may be due to Batman's apparent death. They part ways soon after.

    Powers and Abilities

    Father Craemer has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is a compassionate and supportive priest and counsellor.


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