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Father Jim is a friend of the man known as the Hunter in the Supernatural: Origin series. He debuts in issue no. 4.

As a child, Jim's mother suffered from terrible mental illnesses and diagnosed as insane. His tale is deranged and tragic.

When he was nine years old, a garbage man skipped their home's street. His sick mother saw it as a much bigger sign. She was determined never to let filthy drunks wreak havoc on the world again by polluting. Forgetting to pick up someone's trash could easily be a gateway to much more sinister things, in her mind.

In order to protect her two sons from the potential filth of the world, she put them in the car and pushed them into a lake. By killing them, they would never have to be burdened with a lifetime of chaos and uncertainty. Jim's brother died. He fell unconscious and he saw his dead brother's soul for a moment before disappearing forever. Jim was resuscitated and has devoted his life to God.

He is able to connect to the Other Side via spilling some of his own blood.

His parish is in Blue Earth, Minnesota.


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