Character » Fateball appears in 8 issues.

    Fateball is a member of the B-Sides with photographic reflexes and is a skilled fighter. Laura also uses her"Fateball"(Magic 8-Ball) to predict the future.

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    Four Raven's Perch teenaged metahuman spent many a schoolnight and weekend applying their unique skills to curing the suburban blues. Feeva moved on to the bigtime, leaving Jughandle, Fateball and Mize consigned to the everyday. All of that changed when Charley Huckle proposed a offer they couldn't refuse... to manage and promote the trio as a super-team... The B-Sides!

    Laura Broadbahr relied principally upon a battery of skills learned over the course of a standard high school education. She would also employ a magic eight ball in her divination practices which, at first, may have seemed a bit coincidental. The principal evidence to support any applied divination could be seen through an occasionally flippant response from the eight ball. For example... in the second issue, the response to come from her eight ball was, "Well DUH," as opposed to a simple affirmation.

    Powers & Abilities

    Utilizing a magic 8 ball for precognition.
    She has demonstrated above-average acrobat skills and incorporates them into her fighting style, showing herself capable of handling three grown men in hand-to-hand combat.


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