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    Originally Jared was a smuggler of precious artifacts and art pieces but when he came into the possession of the Helmet of Nabu his life was changed forever.

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    Zero Hour
    Zero Hour

    As a result of Zero Hour, Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson) and Doctor Fate (Inza Nelson) were rapidly aging. This ended their career as Dr. Fate, forcing Nabu to choose a new champion. During one of his jobs, Jared Stevens came into possession of the artifacts of Fate, the Helmet of Nabu, Amulet of Anubis, and Cloak of Destiny. On his way home he was brought into the crossfire of a drug war, bringing his plane down. When he awoke he was near unconscious when Kent and Inza came to him in a spirit form and brought him back to Fate's tower. Kent and Inza explained that the artifacts were incredibly powerful and that Jared did not understand.

    Suddenly, demons attacked the tower, killed Kent and Inza ,and drew Jared into fighting. When his mortal weapons did not suffice, Jared grabbed the Amulet of Anubis and smashed it on one of the demons causing a massive explosion. As a result Jared was transported to another world where he saw himself, only differently, he was also infused with the energies of both Chaos and Order. When he returned he had an Ankh shape on his right eye (which also glowed) as a symbol of the power of Order within him. His arm was also badly damaged, and it was now a manifestation of Chaos unleashed that while in battle could morph form and attack multiple enemies. He used the cloak as a bandage, which being a talisman of Order was the only thing that could restrain the arm and then he grabbed the helmet. He eventually found his ex-wife's house and broke in. When she returned he told her he needed help and it was her dad who hired him. They fought and Jared revealed a huge Ankh shaped scar on his right eye. He melted down the helmet and amulet and made them into a knife and throwing Ankh-shaped darts.

    Major Story Arcs

    As well as appearing in his own series, Jared appears as a major character in two Scare Tactics story arcs. He has a key role in Convergence, a four issue arc involving characters from all four DC Weirdoverse titles - Scare Tactics, Challengers of the Unknown, The Book of Fate and Night Force. He also appears in all four of the mid-series Scare Tactics crossover titles: Impulse Plus #1, Robin Plus #2, Catwoman Plus #1 and Superboy Plus #2.

    At some point during the brief disappearance of the JLA and before the formation of The L.A.W., Jared performed an exorcism and successfully freed Nightshade from the succubus inhabiting her body.


    Death in a Cemetery
    Death in a Cemetery

    Fate magically appeared at Wesley Dodds' funeral with his own magical knife sticking out of his back. In his last breath, he told the JSA members attending that Wesley, and he himself had been murdered by the "Dark Lord". He then collapsed in a pool of his own blood, and the JSA was attacked by the raised dead in the cemetery. It was later revealed that Mordru was the dark lord, and that he was after the new infant Doctor Fate, Hector Hall.

    Jared was buried in the Valhalla Cemetery. Later, he's seen as one of the heroes resurrected during Dark Nights: Death Metal.

    Alternate Versions

    Fate- earth 13
    Fate- earth 13

    Despite his brief existence in the main DC earth, another version of Fate exists in Earth 13, as member of the League of Shadows. He and his teammates fight against the invading forces of vampires from Earth 43 and helped in the main battle against the Gentry in Earth 8. Fate personally killed Count Sivana, the leader of the invasion.

    The Earth 13 version of Jared Stevens appeared again in Infinite Frontier, this time as a member of Injustice Incarnate. While originally shown as villainous, it is revealed that the members of Injustice Incarnate had merely been offered the chance to have their respective Earths spared during the next crisis. Later, Jared survived the confrontation on Earth Omega and was said to have been returned home to the League of Shadows.

    Jared appeared again in Justice League Incarnate, sitting at a bar on Earth-13 following the events of Infinite Frontier. He is shown not to have been aware of Darkseid's involvement in the creation of Injustice Incarnate but does not regret his actions.

    Powers & Abilities

    The result of Jared being infused with Order and Chaos was that he had gained the following powers:

    1. He lost all human frailties. He was almost indestructible and did not require sleep rest or food.

    2. He was immune to magic, and it would not affect him unless he allowed it.

    3. He had the power to see the possible future potentials of things. If someone had a large destiny (or Fate) to fulfill he would see it when he saw them. If someone was close to the end of their time he would see their death. He could also see through illusions or deceptions to the truth.

    4. He could see the the mystic lines of force that crossed the multiverse and could use them to travel (transport) between places. He could also see mystic portents, or signs, that would warn him of dangers to come.

    5. The knife and darts formed from the helmet and amulet were devastatingly harmful to all mystics. He had the added advantage that they always hit what he wanted them to, no matter where he threw them. He could throw them in the opposite direction to his intended target and they would make their way to hit that target and avoid anything else. They would also return to his hand when he wanted.

    6. The arm when unwrapped would almost fight as if a separate living entity without his direct control. While he was in battle for self-preservation it would attack his enemies, but when they were all dealt with it would attack him.

    Jared's personality was one of stubborn defiance. He resented authority and being told what to do. this combined with his powers made him the perfect stalemating force to the magic forces of both sides of Order and Chaos, Good and Evil. As magic could not affect him unless he allowed it he could not be attacked by it. Since he could not be mortally harmed and didn't require rest or food, he could fight on indefinitely. His stubborn, defiant nature meant he hated higher powers trying to influence his mortal world and always stuck his nose in their business. He could harm them but couldn't be harmed, and could fight on until the enemy was bored or tired. Since his purpose was to maintain the balance between Order and Chaos this was a perfect fit. Unlike the Doctor Fates who had come before him, he lacked the power to work great magic and therefore sway the balance one way or the other. He was simply the immovable object that any mystic force seeking to sway the balance would have to get past.


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