Character » Fatanyeros appears in 11 issues.

    Fatanyeros was Europe's single most important chefs, if not the world's.

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    Born a mute Fatanyeros could only communicate through what he could cook. He could transfer great writing such as Shakespeare and music like that of Verdi into his food for all to enjoy.

    Major Story Arcs

    International Flavor

    Fatanyeros is taken captive with other chefs by Nomi Haupai, the Governor of the Pacific Island of Yamapalu. The governor needed his excellent talents to make his Islands new food source a major success internationally. Fatanyeros knew that people back in Europe were coming back for him and prepared a dish for Nomi, the governor, to let him know that he knew who would save him by the fact that information was shared about the rising body count on the island. This made the Governor worried so he went to see Fatanyero but when he got there the 'Vampire' was rescuing Fatanyeros. Tony Chew broke in to save Fatanyeros but was attacked while confronting the "Vampire" by the Governor. This allowed The two of them to leave. While on the Flight back to Europe Fatanyeros is attacked by his savior who had planned on killing him to gain his talents from the begging.


    Cibolocutor: able to communicate through cooking."


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