Fatality, Sinestro Corps or Star Sapphire?

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Should Fatality remain a member of the Star Sapphires or should she become a Sinestro Corps soldier again?  Don't get me wrong, she does look rather good in the violet uniform of a Star Sapphire but I honestly think I'd like her better as her old self, hellbent on destroying the green lanterns and with a mind and personality of her own, not brainwashed and lovestruck with her archnemesis, John Stewart.
So basically I hope that the brainwashing done by the Star Sapphires will eventually wear off like it did for Carol Ferris and she'll return to the Sinestro Corps, OR, that she'll be captured/recovered by Sinestro and reverted back to her old self.
What say you all?  Would you rather see Fatality remain a Star Sapphire or return to being the Green Lantern hating Sinestro Corps soldier we once knew?

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Star Sapphire. Just for the costume.

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Star Sapphire.
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I love her as a villain though

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@Sinestro2828: I was recent introduced to reading the DC comics and the first person I encountered was Yrra and though I loved her as a villain I'm also liking her as a hero. I love for her to come to terms with the death of her family and planet and find some sort of forgiveness in John and see this miscalculation as that a miscalcultion and I think the only why she can come to peace with anything in her life and give more happier life is through the path of the Violet Light. So I say let her become the best Star Sapphire that she can be. :D

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If Carol can get by using a Star Sapphire ring without brainwashing, I think a badass like Fatality could too, plus she's hot in that outfit. Carol should get her old one from Blackest Night back.

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