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    Yrra Cynril is the sole survivor of the planet Xanshi by the Green Lantern John Stewart, which led her to embark on a violent quest for revenge against the entire Green Lantern Corps. She fought Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and John Stewart. She was a member of the Sinestro Corp before being inducted into the Star Sapphire Corps.

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    Yrra's origin story
    Yrra's origin story

    Yrra Cynril is a native of the planet Xanshi, where she was a member of the ruling family. As the eldest daughter of a royal lineage, she was sent to Okaara to receive training and education in the ways of a warrior by Warlords of Okaara. Initially resistant to this life path that had been set out before, she tried to run away from Okaara more than once and had to stay an extra year as a result. Despite her reticence, she did have a natural gift for combat however. While on Okaara for that extra year though, her home world, Xanshi, was destroyed becasue of a mistake by Green Lantern John Stewart. Yrra was unaware who Stewart was at time, so she blamed the entire Green Lantern Corps for the loss of her world, her people, and her family. She dedicated herself to her training on Okaara as never before, until she had gained all the skills she could from her teachers. Following this, she adopted the name "Fatality" and set off on a bloody path of retribution against the Green Lantern Corps that would eventually lead her to Earth where she would find Kyle Rayner, who, at that time, was the last Green Lantern in existence.

    Storyline: Star Sapphire

    Joining the Star Sapphire Corps

    Yrra becoming a Star Sapphire
    Yrra becoming a Star Sapphire

    Following the Sinestro Corps war, after being captured, Yrra was brought to Zamaron. There, as opposed to imprisoning her, like the Green Lanterns would have, the Star Sapphires sealed her inside a crystal that attempted to alter or heal her mind by fueling her with the violet light of love.

    Once the process was completed, Fatality emerged from her crystal cocoon as a Star Sapphire, with her first thought being to locate John Stewart.

    Yrra later located Stewart on Okaara, while the Green Lantern Corps were engaged in a battle with the Orange Lantern Corps.

    Separating Stewart from the fight with her new found power, she explained to him that she had changed. The Star Sapphire Corps had made her realize how wrong her previous actions had been and they even allowed her to forgive herself for not being there for Xanshi's destruction.

    Yrra at the remains of Xanshi, contemplating her future
    Yrra at the remains of Xanshi, contemplating her future

    Before leaving Stewart, she told him that next time he grieves among Xanshi's remains, he should forgive himself too.

    With that business concluded, Yrra returned to Zamaron just in time to defend it against an attack from the Sinestro Corps, who had come to retrieve their captured female members. Even though she was originally one of them, she had already been converted by the Star Sapphire Corps, unlike many of the others.

    Blackest Night

    Yrra and her team protect Earth during Blackest Night
    Yrra and her team protect Earth during Blackest Night

    The battle on Zamaron between Yrra's Star Sapphire Corps and Sinestro and his Corps was cut short, with the onset of Blackest Night.

    Yrra and the Zamarons fled Zamaron after the lovers who had powered their battery were converted into Black Lanterns.

    Yrra ended up joining a coalition of lanterns from different corps, that included Kilowog and John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps.

    Yrra's dead home-world, Xanshi, was reanimated by a conglomeration of many Black Lantern rings and brought to Earth to attack Coast City, where the final battle in the Blackest Night was taking place.

    Her new ad-hock team fought their way to the center of Xanshi to destroy those rings and stop the threat to Earth.

    Pieces of Xanshi rained down on Earth and her team and others constructed a latticework of energy constructs to protect Earth from the fallout.

    The New 52: New Guardians

    When the Star Sapphire from Sector 22 is murdered, Yrra is sent to confiscate her power ring. When she finally located the power ring, she found that it was in sector 2814 on planet Earth. Once there, she discovered that the power ring was in the possession of Kyle Rayner, and that he had possession of other Lanterns Corps power rings. To her surprise she found Saint Walker, Arkillo, Munk and Bleez there as well. After interrogating Kyle, the group headed to Oa and later to Okaara, in search of answers before being forced to confront Invictus. Yrra would continue working with the group for a short while until the events of Wrath of the First Lantern forced them to split, to help protect their fellow corps.

    The New 52: Green Lantern Corps

    Following her departure from the New Guardians, Yrra has been perusing her relationship with Green Lantern John Stewart, basically acting as his partner.

    Storyline: Fatality


    Her first battle with Kyle Rayner
    Her first battle with Kyle Rayner

    After her campaign to rid the universe of Green Lanterns, she eventually discovered that there was only one Green Lantern left in the universe: Kyle Rayner. When she located him, she attempted to ambush him in his civilian life. However, she unaware that his power ring did not have the twenty-four hour time limit before needing to be recharged by a power battery. He was subsequently aided by John Stewart, who revealed that he was the one responsible for the destruction of her planet. However, before she had chance for retribution, she was attacked by an alien creature and was presumed dead when only her arm was found a midst the rubble.

    Fatal Attraction

    Yrra vs. Jade
    Yrra vs. Jade

    Yrra had not died however, and when she returned it was discovered that her arm had been replaced by a weaponized synthetic one. She returned again to Earth and this time hunted Jade, who was a member of the Green Lantern Corps at the time. After their confrontation, she was once again presumed to be dead.

    Effigy Corps

    The Controllers offered Yrra a a chance to join their newest attempt at an answer to the Green Lantern Corps - she accepted, and, again, fought Kyle Rayner.

    While Rome Burned

    Yrra fights Kyle again, this time using a yellow power ring
    Yrra fights Kyle again, this time using a yellow power ring

    Yrra was given a yellow power ring by a mysterious benefactor, which she used to attack New York City, demanding to be given Green Lantern. Kayle Rayner showed up to answer her challenge, they battled briefly, but Yrra used her ring to destabilize a bridge over the water. She could have done much worse damage, but did not, so no one was killed. She used the distraction to go after John Stewart again. She threatened to harm his girlfriend, Merayn, so John would have to watch, before she would eventually kill him. Kyle showed up and confronted her, asking her how she could reconcile her actions with her warrior's code, attacking a helpless man in a wheelchair as she was. She told Kyle that John had the blood of two billion of her people on his hands, and that a debt like that went far beyond her code as a warrior. Kyle used the time while they were talking to launch a sneak attack against her, using a pinpoint beam, angled, and fired quickly, to hit her in her eye. He then knocked her out of John and Merayn's apartment with an energy blast and pinned her to the ground with an energy construct, a two pronged spear in this case. Yrra swore that she would kill him, John, and Merayn if he didn't kill her. She was crying, wailing really, and seemed to be hoping for death. Kyle didn't kill her, instead he asked Yrra to give him the yellow ring. She was doing so, when the ring exploded her arm and flew off, apparently at the behest of the one who'd given her the ring in the first place. She ended up in the hospital afterwards.


    Yrra escapes and goes after Kyle again
    Yrra escapes and goes after Kyle again

    John Stewart began visiting her in the Slab, wanting to talk to her about Xanshi. She taunted his attempts at therapy with her and his current confinement to a wheelchair. She had an innate ability to see the weakness and frailties in things. She told John that what she saw when she looked at him was a man in perfect physical health, meaning he had no spinal damage keeping him in that wheelchair and that it was all in his head. She was later released from the Slab thanks to Major Force using his government contacts. He wanted her to kill Kyle Rayner and bring him the ring. After that, she could kill John Stewart and do whatever else she wanted. All he wanted was Kyle's ring. She was outfitted with all the weapons she desired and engaged Kyle in combat, injecting him with a neurotoxin she was certain would cripple his ability to use his ring. Kyle overcame the drug and took her down with a thrown jet.

    Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

    Yrra teams up with Bolphunga
    Yrra teams up with Bolphunga

    During the events of Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, while Kyle Rayner, and other members of the newly reassembled Green Lantern Corps, were busy dealing with an attack on the Corps by the Spider Guild, Yrra, teaming up with Bolphunga the Unrelenting, who has had a long-held grudge against Guy Gardner, attacked the Corps. Yrra engaged Kyle in yet another duel. She very nearly had him dead to rights this time, when Kilowng punched Bolphunga and knocked him into her from behind. The ship they were on was coming apart at the time, Kyle and the rest of the Corps with him used that opportunity to escape.

    Secret Society of Super-Villains

    Yrra joins the Secret Society
    Yrra joins the Secret Society

    Yrra joined Lex Luthor's latest incarnation of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, presumably in order to have another chance at gaining vengeance against Green Lantern John Stewart. She was first featured in that role in the 6-issue Villains United series, where she was one of the team of villains the Society sent to bring down the Secret Six. Later, in Justice League of America #13-15, she teamed up with Poison Ivy, Killer Frost, and Shadow-Thief to take on, and capture John, Hawkgirl, and Red Tornado. After the Justice League of America's eventual triumph over the Secret Society, Yrra was turned over, along with the other members of the Society, to Amanda Waller and Task Force X. From there, she was teleported to an alien world that was being used as a penal colony. Her story after that was picked up in the 7-issue Salvation Run series, though she only played a background role and wasn't featured as a main character.

    Sinestro Corps War

    After the events of Salvation Run, Yrra managed to avoid being taken to prison again and eventually returned to space. She returned to the Vega System, where she hooked up with other bounty hunters. When Sinestro established the Sinestro Corps, she was recruited and given a Yellow Power Ring. After the events of Sinestro Corps War, Yrra was among the female members of the Sinestro Corps, scattered across the universe, apprehended by the Star Sapphire Corps.

    Freed from the Star Sapphires

    Star Sapphire no more.
    Star Sapphire no more.

    After being kidnapped by Durlans, Fatality lost her Ring. She claimed to have never loved John Stewart, much to his dismay. Fatality declared that she had only two enemies now – the Star Sapphires, and John himself.

    Significant Personal Relationships

    Kyle Rayner

    For a long time, she had a very heated adversarial relationship with him. After Hal Jordon became Parallax and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle was the last active Green Lantern anywhere in the universe. Because of that, he was the only target she had that was a worthy opponent, so she used him as the focal point for all her rage and loss.

    After her induction into the Star Sapphire Corps however, she made peace with him and joined him on his quest to find out why one of the power rings from each of the corps had been drawn to him.

    The Star Sapphire Corps

    The Corps and the Zamarons healed her and helped her deal with the dark emotions that had long consumed her. They taught her how to love again, and, for that, she has embraced their cause of bringing love to the universe and made it her own as well.


    offering Bleez a Sapphire ring
    offering Bleez a Sapphire ring

    Bleez is a Red Lantern who channels the power of rage. They worked together during their quest to find the reason a ring from all the corps had been drawn to Kyle Rayner.

    Bleez has a tragic past, and thinks that love can only hurt, becasue of what her mother and various men wanted from her and tried to take from her in the name of love.

    When the Red Lantern central power battery was dying, Bleez blamed the Star Sapphires and led an attack on their home world of Zamaron in retribution. Yrra was at the forefront of the Star Sapphire line of defense and spear-headed their defeat of Bleez and her followers.

    Having captured the attackers, she had Bleez at her mercy. Bleez was dying, and Yrra offered to heal her and make her a Star Sapphire. It was an emotional confrontation, and Yrra came close to convincing her, but in the end, Bleez would not be swayed.

    John Stewart

    first kiss
    first kiss

    It was his job to protect Xanshi, and he failed. As a result, Yrra's home world was destroyed - her people and her family, killed. When she found out who he was, she hated him and blamed him for his failure with an intensity that was hard for her to even stand.

    When she became a Star Sapphire though, she forgave him, understood that he felt sorrow and guilt for his failure, and, as of late, has fallen in love with him. When she lost her Ring, she claimed that it – not her – that had loved him.

    Powers and Abilities

    Star Sapphire Power Ring

    Yrra uses her sapphire light to travel through space
    Yrra uses her sapphire light to travel through space

    Flight and Space Travel: She can surround herself in an energy field and fly within a planet's atmosphere or through outer space. In space, she can generate an interstellar space warp to travel between solar systems at great speed.

    Energy Blasts, Shields, and Constructs: She can fire energy beams with destructive power, generate energy shields for defense, and create energy constructs that can take the form of anything she can imagine. The power of these is proportional to her ability to tap into and believe in the love within her heart.

    Sapphire Crystals: She can surround others in a prison of sapphire crystal to show them what they love most, as well as bring out the love that may be buried in their hearts.

    Heart Tethers: A heart tether can bring her to someone she loves or guide her to where love is threatened out among the stars.

    Teleportation: She is able to teleport herself and others on an interstellar scale, provided she can harness enough love to power it.

    Healing: She can use the power of love to heal even normally fatal wounds. Conceivably, she could also even bring someone back from the dead (as fer fellow Star Sapphire Corpswoman, Miri Riam, did once).

    Heart Prophecies: She can use her power to look into someone's heart and show them a vision of their future.

    Xanshian Physiology

    Stamina: Her alien physiology also gives her endurance well above even peak human levels. As Finality, she used this as a tactic against the Green Lanterns she hunter, battling them for hours while staying on the defensive and waiting until they exhausted their 24-hour ring charge.

    Strength: As a Xanshian, she's much stronger than a human. Exactly how much stronger is unknown.

    Speed, Agility, and Reflexes: She is very fast, agile, and quick to react - even able to avoid energy beams before they his in many cases. Part of this is training and part is her physiology.

    Find Shatter-Points: She can see weaknesses in things and people with her eyes, they appear highlighted to her, so she can hit them and cause a lot of damage.

    Trained as a Warlord of Okaara

    Hunting: She trained in the jungles of Okaara to track her prey and has honed and used her skills over her former campaign to kill any Green Lantern she could in retaliation for the death of her home world.

    Weaponry: She's been seen to use a wide variety of weapons on her hunts, and use them with great skill. She favors the spear though.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: Because of her training, she is highly deadly in a fight, even without a weapon.


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