Fat Momma

    Character » Fat Momma appears in 3 issues.

    Fat Momma gained her powers by eating a chemical injected doughnut. She now uses her powers to take of bullies all over the world. She is a character from Esteem comics.

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    Working as a student councilor at a school, Nell Wilson, she was kind and loving, but one thing that always set her off, where those who would bully other kids who didn’t have the power or courage to defend for themselves. What she didn’t know, was that those she pushed, would be the one's to one day give her amazing super hero powers.

    One day she was disciplining a couple of bullies at school, who were calling a student inappropriate names and constantly harassing him about his weight, and ended up suspending the students. Not happy with what happened, the bullies snuck into her office while she was away on break, and stole her lunch box. They then took it to the Chemistry Lab at the school, grabbed one of her many doughnuts that she had inside it, and began injecting the desert with every single chemical they could find. Once done, they quickly put the doughnut back in the box, and placed it back inside Nell's office, before she got back in time for lunch.

    By the time lunch was over, Mrs. Wilson quickly began feeling a bit sick, and as soon as she got home from work, quickly went to go and rest. But as she was laying on her bed, to her amazement, she was able to sense things that she had never been able to before, she could sense other people's emotions from a distance, mostly the emotion of sadness and lacking of self esteem in people, as well as being able to have a sense to when someone was being teased.

    But that wasn’t all, she figured out many more powers that she obtained such as, being able to fly, increase density, grow in height, and even have super strength!
    It was then that Nell declared she would use her powers, not for herself, but to help those who are constantly being made fun of and looked down upon for being different. She would also call herself, Fat Momma, ridding the world of bullies, one doughnut at a time!


    • She is able to control her molecular structure, which allows her to become light as a feather, because of this, she is able to fly.

    Increased Density

    • Once again being able to control her molecular structure also allows her to become extremely heavy, allowing her to plummet through several levels of buildings or deep within the earth.


    • This power is only active when Fat Momma becomes enraged, when power is activated, she is able to grow 5 times her original size. 

    Super Strength

    • Able to lift ten times her own weight. 

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