Fat Albert

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    A fictional animation character created by Bill Cosby.

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    Cosby Kids Appearance

    Fat Albert first appeared in one of Bill Cosby's stand-up comedy in 1967, that's when "Buck Buck" was invented. The show Fat Albert, showed how Bill Cosby was growing up in West Philadelphia.

    Animator Ken Mundie made Fat Albert into a TV show. The first show was called Hey Hey Hey, It's Fat Albert. This was so popular that it was a special on NBC news. The music creator of the show was Herbie Hancock performing Jazz. In 1969 it was brought to Warner Bros. NBC also wanted Fat Albert on Saturday mornings for kids because it was very educational.

    The TV show was now called Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids. The first show aired on September, 9th, 1972. The Fat Albert show got an Emmy Award in 1974. The live-action of the real Cosby Show didn't come till 1984 called The Cosby Show. 2002, Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids were placed in 12th place for the worlds greatest 50 cartoons of all time. The rest of the crew in the Fat Albert series were created by Disney animators Michelle McKinney directed by Ken Brown.

    Fat Albert The Movie

    In the movie it's about a teenager girl named Dora. In the movie Dora is very sad because of her grandfather recently passing away. Her grandfather name was Albert Robertson. The origin is about Fat Albert and the Cosby kids gang escape the cartoon life and enter the real world. So they could help a teenager teen named Dora help her with her problems of not being very popular. And not having allot of friends except her family. The gang tries to make her feel special and popular with the other teens.

    This is different about the characters they are not 2 dimensional they are humanly 3 dimensional human in this film.In the story closely to the end Fat Albert and the gang colors fade because they are disappearing all the others want to live except Fat Albert. He fell in love with Dora's adopted sister. They talk and then Albert decides to go back in to his cartoon world and finishes a game of "Buck Buck", with the local bad kids.


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