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    Fastbak discovered a way to travel at incredible speeds using a set of Aero-Pads he invented.

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    Fastbak, one of the youngest New Gods, is a native of New Genesis, the peaceful sister planet of Darkseid's dismal home world Apokolips. He earned a reputation in the city of Supertown for his ability to race through the air at great speeds using the aeropads in his boots. Highfather, the ruler of New Genesis, once had his hands full with the impetuous Fastbak, discouraging the lad from racing at top speeds through Supertown lest he inadvertently injure someone or damage property. As Fastbak matured he became a valuable aide to Highfather and New Genesis's quest for peace.

    Unlike New Gods Orion and Lightray, Fastbak has rarely participated in the ongoing struggle between New Genesis and Apokolips. He once pushed his aeropads to their fastest possible speed when he outraced both the Black Racer, the messenger of death from New Genesis, and Darkseid's vile Parademons, in an effort to save the life of another young New God, Esak, the protege of Metron.

    On one mission for Highfather, Fastbak battled Infernus, a fire-projecting member of Darkseid's Elite, in a quest to prevent the evil lord of Apokolips from attaining a sword that housed the power, wisdom, and knowledge of the Old Gods of Asgard.

    Fastbak is also renowned for his beautiful voice, which he uses in singing and reciting poetry for his fellow Supertownians.

    The aeropads in Fastbak's boots enable him run through the air at great speeds, exceeded among Supertown's New Gods only by Lightray. Fastbak continually makes improvements on his aeropads to increase their speed and efficiency. His body is resistant to the adverse effects of moving at superhuman speed, even through the upper atmosphere, such as friction heat.

    Alternate Versions

    The Key

    In a hallucination brought on by the Key, Wally West experiences a life wherein rather than becoming the Flash, he is given a Flash Ring by a dying Fastback in an origin similar to that of Hal Jordan's. Said coats Wally in a frictionless hypergel made of the Speed Force itself. The gel also makes him look similar to Jay Garrick coated in mercury.


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