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Jack Jessup aka Fast Jack is a skilled thief in New Orleans and competes with Gambit over an assignment. A special deck of cards is wanted by several clients, Lili Penrose and the godfather of New Orleans, a man named Orleans Cooper. Lili hires Gambit to steal the deck of cards from her uncle, Morgan Penrose who is also an occultist and Jessup wants to do business with Orleans Cooper. It turns out that the special deck of cards everyone is after are tarot cards with supernatural powers. Jack Jessup would ambush Gambit after he successfully steals the tarot cards from the Penrose residence. 

Gambit would recover the cards from Jessup so Fast Jack ends up killing his good friend, Dan Down. Gambit sets up Orleans Cooper, who turns out to be a demon and he comes after Jessup when he thinks the thief swiped his tarot cards. Cooper ends up killing Jack Jessup after his last run in with Gambit.  


Fast Jack was created by John Layman and Georges Jeanty in 2004 and first appeared in Gambit # 1. 

Skills & Paraphernalia

Jack Jessup is a skilled thief and pickpocket. Jessup is formidable in hand-to-hand combat but he also uses guns and knives. Jessup also wore a vest that dampened mutant powers within a fifty-foot radius.

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