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    A resident of the Dreaming who adopts the fashions of whatever is popular or a fad at the time

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    A dream, the Fashion Thing was created to reflect and personify fads and fashions.


    Fashion Thing was created by Dave Wood and Jack Sparling. She made her first appearance in The Unexpected #108. The character was reintroduced and significantly reimagined by Neil Gaiman.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    In her initial appearances the character was identified only as the Mad Mod Witch. An elderly crone and witch who had fully embraced the mod fashion, the character was apparently human. Nothing was known about this version's origin or powers, besides that she was a witch who had some magical skill. This remained unchanged through the Bronze Age.

    Modern Age

    "The Fashion Thing has been many things: Flapper... Mod... Punk... She was a "Mad Madonna Witch" for a while..." -- Lucien

    In the Modern Age the character was reintroduced as the Fashion Thing, a resident of The Dreaming who reflects fashions and fads in the waking world. This version of the character continues to identify with variations of the Mad Witch name, depending on the fashion she is currently emulating. Physically, she appears significantly younger than her previous appearances.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Unexpected

    The Mad Mod Witch tells stories to those who visit her pad, and occasionally visits fellow hosts to share stories with them.


    "Blood and Perrier, Goddamnit!" -- The Fashion Thing.

    The Fashion Thing remains in the Dreaming during Morpheus' long absence, during which her identity fluctuates wildly. Upon his return she remains in the palace and acts as one of the servants there.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Fashion Thing is a dream, and presumably functionally immortal for as long as the Dreaming continues to exist. She may still practice witchcraft and have her magical powers. She may also have some limited shapeshifting ability, though this is unclear.

    Weapons and Equipment

    The Fashion Thing is frequently seen to ride a flying broomstick.


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