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Sheik Farouk al-Fasaud was the oil minister of a small Arabic country of Aqiria. He held much sway at the table of OPEC, but an expose by CBS News ruined his reputation. He travelled to New York and attempted to kill the reporter only to end up stabbing a television camera and become transformed into a being of electrical energy.

Significant Stories

Fasaud attempted to kill the reporter once again only to come into conflict with the Fantastic Four. Thing and Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura) travelled to Aqiria to find Fasaud only to be captured themselves. Fasaud transmitted himself into space to take control of America's "Star Wars" satellite. Thing and Ms. Marvel disable the satellite and trapped Fasaud in their shuttles circuitry before crashing back to earth.

Fasaud was involved in R.A.I.D.'s recent terrorist attacks on the city of London. He was stopped from completing his task by Union Jack.


Fasaud's molecular structure has be completely transformed into energy. He can become immaterial, travel at the speed of light, draw electricity to him and electrocute others with his touch.


Fasaud is vulnerable to electomagnetic pulses and insulators.


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