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Jorn murdering Clint
Jorn murdering Clint


Farris Jorn is an ex-soldier who fought in the Afghanistan war. He has been suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He has been experiencing night terrors, paranoia, depression and he is struggling to sleep due to nightmares. In order to help him his psychiatrist, Dr. Lingenfelter,  attempts to hypnotize him to help Jorn cope with his PTSD. However, the truth behind his stress and nightmares is tragic and horrific. Jorn and his best friend and fellow soldier,  Clint Trucks, were captured by insurgents during their time in the army.  He and Clint were held for days by the Taliban, they were starved, dehydrated, beaten and tortured over and over. Eventually after being held for days something inside Jorn snapped. Jorn was overcome by immense strength and stamina as he went into a bloody berserk rage. He savagely beat and mutilated everyone around and sadly Clint was not safe either. Amazed by his friend Farris Clint watched as Farris came closer, he was expecting to be freed, and in an instant Farris Jorn decapitated his best friend. Moments after Farris came to, he saw the blood and mayhem and he had no memory of his actions but he sadly knew what had happened.  
When he returned to America, he began working in a repair shop and got a girlfriend named Eva. One day, Farris was approached by Rowena Dauven from Midgard International trying to offer him an opportunity to overcome his condition. For Farris, everyday was a constant battle with himself. He tried to remain calm, but his boss was not only pushing his limits, but also flirting with his girlfriend. And that was the straw that broke the camel's back. He slaughtered and dismembered his boss and almost everyone else in the office. Eva tried to run and save her life, begging for mercy. Farris recovered his mind only to be knocked down. 
The end of Rowena
The end of Rowena

When he woke up, he realized the hell that was unleashed. And to make things worse, Clint returned as a vision to mock him but also as a weird adviser. Farris escaped from the crime scene before Rowena could talk to him and convinced him to join her organization. Being unable to overcome the burden of his curse, Farris tried to jump off a bridge when Rowena finally arrived. She got rid of the police and tried to convince Farris once again that there were options for him, and that he was not alone. However, Farris was in a complete "berserker" mental state. Rowena did not expect to find Farris "berserker-ed" out, she was also amazed by the devastation one berserker could cause. Rowena attempted to offer Farris help and an explanation but in mere moments Farris had ripped Rowena in half. Farris began to realize to the power he and other berserkers wield and this gave him a new direction and goal: kill every other berserker. He tracked down agents from Asgard (the rival of Midgard International) but before he could interrogate them he had mutilated them.  Clint also found this comical but told Farris he is stuck with him because he (as a ghost or spirit) is to help Farris reach penance so Farris can forgive himself and Clint can move on.  Clint advises Farris to search the agents' car, discovering a GPS system that would lead them to their last stop; his girlfriend Eva's parents home. Once there Farris' discovers Eva's parents dead in a grisly fashion and vows to find Eva. 

Discovering he is being followed Farris confronts one of his pursuers; it is  Ariel Bergodin, Rowena's boss, of Midgard International. Ariel manages to convince Farris to let them help him find Eva and revealing that the leader of Asgard believes Farris to be a savior, someone who will bring about a new age., Ragnarok. Eva is the bait intended to lure Farris to the appointed place the prophecy will play out. Sceptical, Farris nonetheless agrees to the offer of help. 


Farris Jorn is both blessed and cursed with the ability to go "berserk." While berserk Farris posses super human strength, senses and immune to pain but this state costs him his sanity, control and morality ; unlike the few Berserkers who can control their their actions in this state, Farris becomes a mindless killer and attacks anyone near him. His attack are vicious, brutal and gory he beats his victims to a bloody pulp, often seen ripping limbs off, decapitating, dismembering those unfortunate to be around him while he is berserk. One of the agents, also a Berserker, is astounded by the devastation Farris caused on his own-he then proceeded to mutilate her by RIPPING her in half with his bare hands.

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